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Review: While in Savannah, my sister and I decided to stop at this restaurant. I ordered a vegetarian dish and double-checked that it had no meat. However,when I started eating, I felt a little piece of meant. The server immediately came over, apologized and said she would talk to the chef ansd ask what was wrong. When she came back she informed us that the dish was "vegetarian" but that the vegetables from the dish had been prepared in a broth with lamb meat. The point of being a vegetarian was to not eat meat and I was disgusted that the food I had been moderately enjoying was prepared with animals. Ew! Never again.


Posted by msmayz on Thursday, May 8, 2014
"Does this dish contain meat?" is NOT the same question as "Is this dish prepared with any animal ingredients, like meat, broth, butter, etc.?" The former is hardly ever sufficient and doesn't indicate to servers that you're veg*n (they can't read your mind!), and that's what happened to you. Honestly, it helps immensely when you just straight-up tell your server, no matter where you are, that you're veg*n because they'll watch out for you, talk to the chef before you order, and point out dishes that you can and cannot have. It sounds like you're either not serious about being veg*n or still learning how to navigate restaurants. There's a learning curve that we all go through at first, but to slam this amazing restaurant because of your inability to ask the right questions or provide the server with critical information about your dietary restrictions is unfair. You probably ordered the Vegetable Couscous, which, yes, is cooked in meat broth, as the description at the top of this page on Happy Cow, several reviews on the page, and Casbah's own menu points out.

Also, you listed "cons" as annoying belly-dancers and loud music? LOL. That's part of the experience and charm of this restaurant. It seems like you're angry and just trying to retaliate, on shaky grounds no less. If the music and the dancers truly bothered you, you would have been unhappy at this restaurant even if you had done your due diligence and ordered one of the several veg*n options on the menu.

I wish you the best and hope you learn to start asking the right questions so that you don't have to keep lashing out in anger for things you could have easily avoided.
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