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by jasvir

Review: I agree with one of the above posts about how utterly inconsiderate the servers can be. You have to realise me and my friends would go in at least twice a week. (a group of usually six ppl) Thats how much we enjoyed the food. However after a few bad experiences we stopped going completely. One incident my friend asked if they wanted to donate to a charity they agreed and asked him to come back on a certain day. When he came to collect the head lady saw him and quickly said we are closed. When he replied "I'm just here for that charity" she said "I don't know what your talking about I never agreed to any charity". The amount was ten dollars. This other time I came in with my mother who asked for tea. They brought out that buddist tea my mom wanted the regular tea so i politely asked if they have regular english tea to which the reply was "this is a chinese resteraunt what did you expect". I almost lost it but we decided to just take our food (which was already made) to go. After that we have boycotted the place and I will never come back unless they change the people serving and running the restaurant. Oh I don't miss the food at all.


Posted by JohnnySensible on Thursday, June 28, 2007
Come on - this is a rant not a review - cool down & have the decency to delete it / rewrite it - I am pretty sure that they will not miss you either!
Posted by LexiFatale on Saturday, February 2, 2008
The people are not inconsiderate. English in not their first language. So what you had was lost in communication issues. The ladies working out front are fantastic girls, and the people working in the back are always more then happy when they come out.

An off day on their part is no reason to boycott.

And if you were willing to go at least twice a week, the place deserves more then that.
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