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Review: Well, I have been to Eat More Greens about 6 or 7 times and will probably keep going there (and will probably see many of the same people that frequent this Azabu Juban restaurant). While, I am not sure why they keep coming back, I know why I do. It's not that it's a good rest., it's the only vegetarian restaurant in my area of Azabu/Roppongi that I know of. In fact, this place is lacking compared to the other veg rests. in Tokyo (and I have been to many) There is not one dish I can say is amazing; one of the pastas is a cold dish, which my boyfriend found out after he bit into it (it was recommended to him by the waiter who neglected to tell him that) I also once ordered the Soup of the Day which the server told me was "Paprika Soy milk soup" sounded good so I tried it but also to find that it was a cold soup which the server didn't inform me of either. The food isn't bad, but could be a LOT better and the tapas are really small for the price (tofu cheese tastes even blander than plain tofu). They only have 2 desserts and the tofu cheesecake has real cream cheese in it which is strange and defeits the purpose I think. Went on Halloween and was looking forward to the special Halloween pumpkin gnocci and apple/pumpkin tart; however, when I got there, they said they had stopped it early! I can honestly say that I wasn't surprised. The waitstaff at EMG are probably the most uninspiring bunch of servers in any restaurant I have been to (from really posh restaurants to really cheap ones). I find them all to be pretty out of it. They are not mean or nasty, just not very inviting, happy, or knowledgable (there are one or 2 girls who are nice tho). I really wish I could love this place cos it's close to my house, but I would much rather travel to Shibuya, Omotesando or Aoyama for some proper veg food and service. The high points of EMG are: the decor, the pumpkin pizza, the taco rice, the organic wines, and the patio, although the 2 times I have sat on the patio, there was some guy on the opposite side smoking a CIGAR and just couldn't find a spot where it didn't waft all over my food. Pretty strange for a healthy restaurant but I'm not surprised anymore at EMG. I know it's strange that I go there often and am not giving it good reviews but it is possible to have a good time at this place if you're in the area with friends or just want to relax and read a newspaper but don't come here if you are expecting anything really special.


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