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by emmpower

Review: I would only recommend this place to someone who was reeeeeally in the mood for mock meats. Otherwise: I'd avoid it. I've only eaten here once. I brought some friends from out of town here, one who is vegan and the other vegetarian, both enjoy mock meats. I don't but I like to gawk at really passable mock meats when I get the chance, it's entertaining for some reason. I ordered something not worth remembering. I'm assuming it was something sweet and sour as the sauce was R-E-D red, like melted crayon red, no, like ketchup supernova red. It was crazy! It had balls of some protein source (soy? seitan?) that were breaded and fried then subsequently drenched in red so they got soggy. My friends ordered meats. One got the mock meat cutlet thing that came out looking like real meat. It was spooky, like being at Ripley's Believe It or Not! It had the stringy, chewy meat texture so spot on it was freaky. I don't remember it coming with a notable sauce. It was so chewy I was reminded of being little and having a bite of steak that my Dad cooked that I had to chew foreeeeever, feeling like I was gonna graduate high school still chewing that bite of steak. I forgot how chewy meat can be! Then I tried the stuff here at Anna's... My other friend order the drumsticks which were plump little pillows of mock meat on sticks. They were also disturbingly meaty and pretty much tasted like incense to me. They didn't taste smoothly seasoned, they tasted like someone threw the whole spice cabinet in, it was weird. In summary: I left feeling like I just went in a haunted house rather than had lunch but my friends who like mock meat (and say "I miss meat") really liked the mock meat dishes. I understand this place used to be a Loving Hut but I don't know what the people are ordering now that it's Anna's that they could possibly be leaving 5 and 4 star reviews for. I feel like maybe I ordered exactly the worst thing on the menu!


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