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by forcor

Review: Cute place, not too far a walk from the Cathedral and the Alcázar. We went here for lunch with a Spanish friend, which was good as the waiter didn't seem able to speak English. We each selected from the menu del dia, which included an appetizer, a main, a dessert, and a glass of wine. Can't remember how much it was each. Maybe 10 Euros? Not a bad price for what we got. I had a nice blended vegetable soup, the others each had a trio of hummus with fresh bread. I had pasta for my main and we each had a chocolate cake for dessert, which tasted quite nice because it was a dryish cake half-covered with a moist, delicious chocolate pudding, a good combo. Everything we ate was vegan; I'd say at least 75% of the menu is vegan. Service lagged a little; there was just one waiter and one cook, and lunch business was fairly bustling with locals. It's true, though - they love to sprinkle sesame seeds on EVERYTHING, from soups to salads to mains to even the chocolate cake! We didn't mind; in fact, we found it kind of endearing and frankly hilarious. We joked that they must have ordered a pound of it and received a ton, and are just trying to get rid of it all! :) But if you have an issue with sesame seeds for some reason, let them know. All in all, a decent place, and obviously in Seville one's vegan dining options are rather limited, so you'd be foolish to skip Gaia just because it isn't 100% perfect. It's fine, you'll have a nice meal.


Joanna Dubois
Posted by Joanna Dubois on Sunday, July 28, 2013
AAAARGH! To all Anglo-Saxons, who mention "the waiter/waitress didn't speak much English": PLEASE stop expecting the rest of the world to speak your language. It's up to you, when you visit a non-English speaking country to make an effort: buy a phrase book, learn the basic sentences you'll need to order food, etc. After all, if a non-English speaker visits your country, they wouldn't get far if they expected you to speak their language.It's kind of arrogant, don't you think, to expect the rest of the world to speak English?
Posted by forcor on Friday, October 11, 2013
Yo, Joanna, you're being a bit presumptuous here. Kind of insulting, too.

Truth is, I ALWAYS work hard to get a handle on the local language when visiting a foreign country. In fact I actually studied Spanish for two years as an adult, specifically so I could get by more easily in Spain, as I visit the country every 3-4 years. (It's also useful in my native Los Angeles.)

I can get by all right - much better than just a tourist with a phrasebook. But you know what? In Spain they speak pretty damn fast. And unless you're nearly fluent, it can be hard to successfully communicate with a busy waiter who doesn't know any English. I tell you, at this restaurant I sure liked having my Spanish friend with us to do all the talking!

Some non-bilingual travelers appreciate a little head's up about this stuff, that's why I point it out.
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