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by happyvegan45

Review: The selection here is wonderful and it could be an amazing addition to the area. I found that the staff left something to be desired. It was my first trip in and I was having trouble finding a supplement for myself(those sections are always a bit intimidating to me and things are pretty hard to find) so I waited until it seemed pretty dead to ask someone. I walked up to a man with a five o'clock shadow and a shiny bald head slumped behind the counter. I shyly asked him if he could please help me. He groaned slightly as if I were terribly inconveniencing him and grumpily asked me what I wanted. I needed a prenatal so he guided me back to the supplements and shoved an $80 bottle into my face. I started to ask why this brand? What was so great about it and why was it so much more than the others but before I could even get half of my sentence out he had spun around and returned to the counter to stare holes in anyone who dare spend money in that store. A bit discouraged, I walked up to someone who seemed a bit friendlier, a large woman with glasses and curly red hair casually talked to me about the prenatals, and I felt a lot better about the price. She then started talking about her own daughter and judgmentally compared hers to mine, including but not limited to telling me how wrong I was for deciding to vaccinate my child, giving her formula(even though at the time I couldn't produce enough breast milk), and cutting me off before I could respond. Every time she would insult my parenting she would laugh loudly, as though to let me know that I shouldn't take anything she says to heart. I thanked her for her time, even though I kind of felt like giving her the finger and proceeded to the deli area to grab something to eat. I picked up a tofurky sandwich and sat down. The first bite I noticed that that sandwich must have been sitting there a while. There was nothing left of the vegenaise except what had been absorbed into the bread. I continued to eat, I was very very hungry. I took two more bites, and on the third I tasted something very green, opening up my sandwich I saw quite a bit of mold on the meat substitute, I gagged a little and showed the counterboy. He looked at theyre color code system and saw that the sandwich had been there over a week. When I was ready to leave I waited at the counter for 15 minutes before I set my intended purchase on the counter and left while the staff talked and laughed amoungst themselves ten feet from me.


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