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Review: I used to live in Lexington. All of my friends ate here like it was the best thing in the world. I have tried most of their mock meat dishes, and they are OK, OK if you like the same type of fake meat thrown in a different sauce served with cheap rice for $10+! Needless to say I didn't spend my money there for a long time. One day my girlfriend, vegan too, wanted to go on her birthday, so I gave in. I ordered some fake chicken dish, and she ordered vegan mongolian quabeef. We were on the back of the menu (vegetarian section) and pointed to it when she said mongolian quabeef. We asked to make sure it would be vegan. We were assured that both dishes would be vegan. Got our food and started eating. Instantly saw what looked like egg in our rice. Called the waitress over, she said oh yea thats egg! Remained calm and asked for rice without egg. Got a new, non egg'y, plate of rice. I tried a piece of her 'quabeef', she tried a piece of my chicken. About half way into our meal, she says "This taste like real meat.." not noticing before by taking each bite with rice and veggies. I said nooo couldn't be. She bit a piece in half and OUT COMES THE BLOOD onto her fingers. She started crying on the spot. I called the waitress over and said hey this isn't vegan, you f*cked her order up and fed her real meat! The manager came over to apologize, APOLOGIZING TO ME FOR GIVING ME NON VEGAN FAKE CHICKEN WITH EGG'S IN IT!!! I had to explain to them that we were assured both would be vegan, up until that point I THOUGHT mine was vegan, and the original problem was they gave my guest REAL BEEF. The waitress started making up excuses, saying that no no we ordered regular mongolian beef.. She started looking through the menu trying to find where we showed her we wanted regular beef. I snatched it from her, flipped it over to the veggy menu, and instantly pointed at the mongolian quabeef which we ordered. Left without paying and spent the rest of the day throwing up, trying to comfort my girlfriend who cried randomly for the next 3 or 4 days because "they fed me beef". Onto the quachick chicken. They try to say some of it is vegan, and you have to ask. It all looks the same. If you look up quachick on the internet, you find ingredient lists for that product. I'm am fairly convinced there is no vegan quachick and that restaurant, or any for that matter. Don't expect an honest/consistent answer. VEGANS BEWARE!!! NON TRUSTWORTHY CONVENTIONAL CHINESE RESTAURANT. Save your money


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