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Review: We've been in Bangkok for over 10 days now and had been avoiding Ethos based on the reviews here. But we figured today we'd give it a go, since we're running out of new places to try. We figured if it was really bad we could always just move on to May Kaidee's down the road. We arrived to find the vibe quite relaxed, quiet and comfortable. Enjoyed the simple but effective decor - gives it a cosy, slightly Oriental (but not overly so) feel. There was mention of the chairs not being comfortable.. we sat at a table but I'm guessing that comment relates to the Asian style tables.. well you know, you *are* in Asia. That kind of set-up is standard in Japan where I live. Can't help but feel that they are part of the cultural experience of traveling in Asia, no? Anyway, I digress. So we open the menu, expecting a really random mix of average dishes and probably only some token local offerings. But no - nothing of the sort. What we found was a well rounded offering of plenty of salads, Thai curries, Thai soups, stir-fries, interesting looking appetisers, etc etc. They make their own tempeh and kombucha - nice! And you can choose what oil is used in your cooking - either rice bran or coconut oil. Awesome! Having spent *way* too much time wading through the interesting drink menu we settled on some coconut shakes and a kombucha. My partner noticed them using packaged coconut milk. Bummer. There are some real issues with packaged coconut milk - often bleach goes is used to whiten it and is not noted on the labels. We never use it at home, always squeeze our own from dessicated coconut (can't get it fresh in Japan). Anyway they did taste ok I must admit. As for the food - well, lots and lots of veges, which is a great thing when you're a VEGEtarian. And portion sizes - surely larger than the average in Bangkok. We ordered the same amount as we do in other places and it was almost too much. And as for food quality - not bad at all. Nothing so amazing that it bowled us over (although I really liked their version of tom kha soup, a bit sour as i like it, tho my partner disagreed). but all fresh, healthy and tasting good, if slightly on the sweet side and not very spicy (obviously adjusted for foreign tastes). The dessert menu was pretty limited and since they use packaged coconut milk we opted for May Kaidee's down the road for that (love her mango banana sticky black rice!). All in all, would totally come again. A pleasant surprise. Oh yes - service was fine too.


Posted by ethos on Friday, February 22, 2013
FYI Packaged coconut milk in Bangkok is much safer and healthier than alternatives which are often contaminated with pathogens and not always as fresh as you might think. We have used both but would NEVER use the 'fresh' variety for drinks, only for cooking. At Ethos we do extensive research and put a great deal of thought into our decisions for your benefit. Thanks for your feedback!
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