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by Jacob Matthews

Review: I have eaten a few times at Ethos and had a bad experience on the last occasion that I visited. When I arrived at the restaurant there was only one table available. As I walked towards this table the owner asked me abruptly if I was alone. When I said yes he became flustered and then instructed me to share different four seater table with another man as I could not have a four seater table to myself. After about one minute this man left so I decided to go and sit at the empty table as it had more comfortable seating. As I went to sit there the owner shouted "no" loudly across the restaurant in a rude and authoritarian manner. When I explained that it would make no difference which table I sat at as both were 4 seaters and that this a terrible way to treat a customer, he said that he is running a business and has to do it this way. I informed him that I would take my business eslewhere and he told me to do that without offering any kind of apology. It's a shame that I had this experience as the food has always been good when I have eaten there before. However I am not prepared to eat somewhere where the owner doesn't value individual customers because I he is thinking about maximum profits. I would personally recommend that people (particularly if they are dining alone)eat at Number One or Mai Kaidee's, which are both vegetarian restaurants on the same street with delicious food and excellent customer service.


Posted by PauPau on Friday, February 22, 2013
Jacob, i have eaten there about ten times and had TWO unpleasant experiences with the owner. One like yours, with being redirected to another table, which just isnt nice. Its like squeezing the joint to make an extra buck with little regard for your customer. Second encounter, when paying i asked for the receite because i want to take it home, sounds pretty normal, right ? well, turns out that "he needs it for his administration" so he refuses to give it, instead starts a very unpleasant argumentation. I just want the receite, its very normal to give your customer the receite. Its just unbelievable the rudeness that he actually starts arguing with his customer and makes his customer feel bad. I NEVER will visit that phoney place again. Better go to May Kaidee next door.
Posted by ethos on Friday, February 22, 2013
I remember these experiences well because they are so rare. The vast majority of customers are delighted to share a table, enjoy meeting others and socializing. One person met her future husband at Ethos and thanked me profusely for being the host! It is true that during the peak season of January we have a policy to ask people coming alone to share tables. It's not about net profit but allows us to satisfy more people and give them better value. If we didn't do it we would have to either cut down on ingredients, charge more per meal, or pay our staff a lower salary. We can't accomodate anti-social people who like to take the favorite tables all for themselves during peak times in January. However, we will have a lot more seating space available in late 2010 and Jan 2011 after expanding into the second floor!
Jacob Matthews
Posted by Jacob Matthews on Friday, February 22, 2013
Hi Ethos owner. You've clearly missed the point of the above posts. My main issue was with the rude and abrupt manner in which you spoke to me, for which you offer no apology. If I were in your position I would be concerned that two customers had had a bad experience in my restaurant and that they had been unhappy with the customer service. Instead you try to put the blame on the customers by labelling them as 'anti-social' and suggest that they are somehow selfish for wanting a decent table when it is free. Once again, I can only reiterate that customers would be better seeking good quality vegetarian food in May Kaidee's or Number One Restaurant next door.
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