Lavash Veggie Wraps

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Lavash Veggie Wraps


2 sheets lavash wrap, store-bought regular or whole wheat
1 ripe avocado, quartered into 4 slices
1 tomato, quartered into 4 slices
2 long sheets of lettuce
2 handful fresh sprouts, alfalfa or clover or sunflower
Veganaise or hummus, your choice


Place 1 sheet of lavash on a flat surface such as the cutting board. Lay it so the longer sides are extending away from you.

First spread the base with veganaise or hummus, which ever you prefer.

Then lay down 1 large sheet of lettuce across the lavash.

Then place 2 slices of avocado, side-by-side, over the lettuce.

Place 2 slices of tomatoes, side-by-side, over the avocado.

Spread 1 handful of fresh sprouts across the top.

With both hands roll the lavash wrap using a frm grip. When you roll it too loosely, the filling will fall out; when too tightly, the wrap could break.

Repeat the process for the 2nd lavash.

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