Tahini IceCream

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Tahini IceCream


Tahini (sesame paste)
water - use one part tahini to three parts of water
fairtrade sugar or syrup to taste
flavoring options: cocoa powder, spices, almond essence, vanilla essence, etc.


This recipe is very simple and easily adaptable.

Mix one part tahini to three parts of water in a freezable tub until you have a smooth but fairly liquid consistency, add more water if needed.

Then add sugar or syrup to taste, use whatever you have in your cupboard.

Add flavorings of your choice, like cocoa powder + cinnamon, or your preference.

Mix. Place lid on tub, and put into the freezer. Takes 2 hours to freeze.

To make a creamier 'icecream', you can use soya milk or any other milk or cream substitute you use instead of water or substitute for a proportion of the water, although it is perfectly good and creamy with just the tahini and water.

Note: Living Tree Community Foods (www.livingtreecommunity.com) makes a great, creamy tahini. You can also find other brands at health food stores.

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