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Recipe Servings4 litres
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Recipe Prep timeunder 60 mins
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For a 4 liter saucepan you need:
5-6 medium potatoes
1-2 medium carrots
1 big onion
1 medium beetroot
1/3 of medium cabbage
1 tin of tomatoes
fresh leek
fresh parsley
Spices to taste: black pepper, 1 dried bay leaf, dried garlic and/or fresh


Fill the saucepan with water (about 3,5 liters in 4-liter saucepan) and heat.

While heating the water, start to peel potatoes, carrots, onion, beetroot.

When the water starts to boil - add cut potatoes.

Chop onion and fry it separately in the veg oil in the frying-pan, just 5-7 minutes on low heat til it turns a golden colour.

Carrots and beetroot should be grated and added to the frying-pan, after 4-5 minutes add to the frying-pan tomato (the frying pan should be big).

Add salt and spices. This semi-prepared dish in the frying-pan is called "zazharka". Stir this mixture 3-5 minutes, then add to the saucepan, where potatoes should now be ready.

Cut cabbage and leek, and add the saucepan.

After 10 minutes of boiling start to taste it - if the cabbage is ready, Borshch is ready.

Add parsley, cover the saucepan with lid, turn off the gas and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then enjoy your meal!

- Recipe courtesy of the Pusanova sisters, Olga and Inna.

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