Turnip Salad

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Turnip Salad


400 grams salted turnip
4 teaspoons sugar
3 green onion stalks, finely chopped
4 teaspoons chili oil
1 teaspoon grinded peppercorn
4-6 teaspoons sesame oil
optional: 1 tablespoon light soy sauce


Rinse turnip under water first to wash of any salt. Cut turnip into 2-inch long thin strips. After you cut it, run it through cold water one more time, and drain it well. Cut the green onion into 1 inch long, thin strips.

In a bowl, mix sugar, soy sauce, chili oil, grinded peppercorn, and sesame oil. Mix the green onions with the turnip. Pour on the sauce, and mix well with the turnips, and serve.

Note: After you've mixed in the sauce with the turnips, try storing this dish for several hours first before eating, allowing it to sit for a few hours lets the flavors really soak into the turnips.

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