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Sprouts: Healthy Living Food

Eating sprouts is a great way to add fresh and vital nutrients to your diet. The sprouting process brings out many enzymes in the germinated seeds, legumes, and grains which makes them easy to digest. Besides being a good source of protein, raw sprouts are living foods that are full of pure vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. Some sprouts also contain essential amino acids. Mix sprouts in salads, wraps, and sandwiches for extra deliciousness - yummy!

What to Grow

Seeds such as alfalfa, radish, clover, onion. Legumes such as green peas, lentils, mung, adzuki, garbanzo beans. Grains such as barley, rye, millet, soft wheat berries, quinoa. Use organic whenever possible!

Sprouting Methods

Here are two easy and fun ways to grow sprouts. When sprouting, some sprouts are grown with hydroponics using only water and sunlight, while some are grown in the soil.

Method 1 - Water and Sunlight


Sort, rinse & drain seeds, and discard broken ones. Place seeds in a bowl, and add filtered water to cover. Soak overnight for about 8 hours. Then drain water.

Using Trays

Line a flat tray with paper towels or mesh screening. Spread the seeds in a thin layer on the towel. Cover the seeds with a layer of paper towel and sprinkle with water until all the seeds are moistened. Place the tray in a dark & undisturbed area.

Check the tray twice daily to be sure the sprouts remain damp, but not wet. By the second day, little sprouts will begin to grow. By the third or fourth day, most of the sprouts will be mature and ready. Expose the matured sprouts to sunlight for a few hours to give them the opportunity to develop chlorophyll and complete the sprouting process.

Method 2 - Earth Sprouting (with soil)

Good sprouting method for sunflower and buckwheat seeds, wheat berries, and rye sprouts.


Sort, rinse & drain seeds, and discard broken ones. Place seeds in a bowl, and add filtered water to cover. Soak overnight for about 12 hours. The following day, drain the water, and refill bowl with filtered water. Drain and refill twice a daily for about 1-2 days until you see baby sprouts shoots.

Fill tray with 2 inches garden soil (mix top soil, peat moss, and compost). Spread 1 cup seeds to cover the soil evenly and loosely. Cover with ¼ inch of soil. Lightly sprinkle water on the soil. Store the trays indoors or outdoors in a shady area. Cover the tray with a thin towel, and water everyday to keep soil moisten, but not too wet. Uncover the tray after 3 days, and place it in indirect sunlight.

Watch the sprouts grow! By the fifth day, they should be 2-3 inches tall, and you can harvest them.

There are lot's of other methods, and you can find a variety of sprouting starter kits on Amazon, hereSprouter Kit.

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