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Vientiane (13)

Vegetarian Restaurants: (12 Listings)

Khouadin Vegetarian
Vientiane ~ PH: 856-021-251615
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Buffet, Take-out, Laotian--- Additional Info: Aka Kwadin Restaurant. Offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet of vegan Laotian food (no a la carte): rice, noodles, soup, steam buns, a variety of vegetables and faux meat dishes (10 or so). Could get individual items to take away from the buffet. For a larger variety, it's best to arrive after 10am. Directions: exit Khua Din bus station onto Rue Nongbone, turn right and walk for 100m, pass a basket shop on the second corner, turn right, entering an alley that leads into Khua Din Market, walk for 50m, and restaurant is on the left next to a motorbike parking lot; it's on the alley that leads off of Rue Nongbone. If still not sure where it is, ask for "kin jay" (eat vegetarian). Mon-Sat 9:00am-3:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Phounsub Restaurant
Ban KhuaLuangTai, Chanthabouly District (at /near Rue Samsenthai and Blvd Khounboulom) ~ PH: n/a
Moderate-- Vegan, Buffet, Asian, Laotian--- Additional Info: Vegan restaurant offering a lunch buffet. Located opposite The Reunion Cafe. Price is around 20,000+ kip. Best to arrive at 11:30am as food is usually gone by 1 pm. Directions: Going west on Samsenthai, look for the "Bridgestone" sign on the right. Turn right immediately after. Cash only. Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Reunion Cafe
Luangprabang Road, Chanthabouly ~ PH: +85620-55993844
Moderate-- Vegan, Japanese, Thai, Delivery, Laotian--- Additional Info: Small vegan restaurant. Has an extensive menu with English and some food photos. Includes curries, papaya salad, and smoothies. Owner speaks English and French. Direction: go west along Samsenthai, cross Khun BuLom on your right is Somkiat vehicle part with an ad for Bridgestone, turn right up the narrow street immediately after the sign. after 100m you will come to 2 restaurants displaying yellow vegan banners. Reunion is on your right, on your left is Phounsub Restaurant. Cash only. Mon-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Vegetarian Buffet
Sisavath Street (at around the corner from Sisavath Temple) ~ PH: 55511181, 22242986
Inexpensive-- Vegan, Buffet, Asian, Laotian--- Additional Info: All-you-can-eat lunch buffet vegan restaurant with a large selection of food, mainly salad items, noodles, and cooked vegetable dishes with rice. Buffet for around 25,000 kip. Cash only. Mon-Sun 10:00am-2:00pm.-- Rating: 3.5 HappyCow(s)

Vegetarian in the Golden Age
0155 Hatxadi, Saylom Road, Chanthabouly District ~ PH: +856-20550133169; +856-2055505305
Moderate-- Vegan, Chinese, Western, Vietnamese--- Additional Info: Vegan Buddhist restaurant serving Asian and western food with mock meats. Nice and clean. Owners speak basic English and meals are sizable. The only place outside Vietnam found serving typical western pho style meals, vermicelli with tofu, sprouts, shredded carrots, cucumber, herbs and mock fish sauce, and spring rolls with peanut sauce. Also offers fruit shakes, various seasoned vegetables, and appetizers, soups. Has outdoor seating. Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Manna Vegetarian Restaurant
Vientiane ~ PH: 56-0309471751, 856-02055649296
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Buffet, Take-out, Laotian--- Additional Info: June 2015 reported it's open - please send current location address to happycow! Has outdoor seating. Mon-Fri 10:30am-2:00pm.-- Rating: 5 HappyCow(s)

Vegie Hut
near Tatluang/Patuxai ~ PH: 856-2056199938
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Laotian--- Additional Info: Veggie food, uses some mock meats. Cash only. Mon-Sat 9:00am-9:00pm.-- Rating: 4.5 HappyCow(s)

Ban Gai
Sokpaluang Rd ~ PH: 0309497240
Moderate-- Lacto, Ovo, American, Mexican, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Western-run Mexican food restaurant with marked vegetarian choices on the menu. Has outdoor seating. Tue-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.-- Rating: Not rated yet

House of Fruit Shakes
128 Th Samsenthai (at Rue Chanthakhoumane) ~ PH: +856-21212200
Inexpensive-- Western, Juice bar, Take-out, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Juice bar also offering baguette sandwiches and muesli. Muesli can be requested with soy milk. Juices and shakes are made to order.
Has outdoor seating. Mon-Sun 7:30am-7:00pm.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Jamil Zahid
Ban Haysoke ~ PH: 7878120
Inexpensive-- Lacto, Indian, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Indian food, menu includes an extensive vegetarian section. Vegans to inquire about ghee/dairy. Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 4 HappyCow(s)

Chao Anou Road, Vat Chanh ~ PH: 856-20-55504233
Inexpensive-- Lacto, Indian, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Indian food restaurant besides Wat Chan Temple and opposite Orchid Hotel. English spoken. Previously located in Fa-Ngum. Accepts credit cards. Call for hours - tell us.-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

Sandwich Stall
Central Bus Station, Rue Mahosot ~ PH: n/a
Inexpensive-- Vegan-friendly, Fast food, Take-out, Non-veg--- Additional Info: Serves meat, veg options available. Vietnamese style pickled veggies (daikon, carrot, cucumber, cilantro) on a french baguette. There are three stalls at the bus station. Little bit of English spoken. Tell the staff "jay," which means vegetarian. Also when you order point to the mayonnaise and say no if you are vegan. One small sandwich (which is large) is 5000kip or about 60 cents. Closes when food runs out. Cash only. Call for hours - tell us.Open Mon-Sun 9am-close.-- Rating: Not rated yet

Health Food Stores, Vegan Shops, Vegan Bakeries, Vegetarian B&Bs, Veg Catering, Veg*n Organizations: (1 Listing)

101 Chao Anou Road ~ PH: 856-22-543-76
Small health food store located next to Vat Chanh, close to Fa Ngum Quay. Has vegan items. Mon-Sat 9:00am-7:00pm.-- Rating: 3 HappyCow(s)

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