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East Setauket, New York
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HappyCow previously offered this space for vegetarian events, vegetarian travel or general information for East Setauket, suggestions such as hotel recommendations, travel agencies, or any other regional vegan and vegetarian related information.
However, this has been discontinued due to inactivity.
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Visitor Notes:

Subject: 'Where To Eat In East Setauket'
Posted by hrefna on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 10:05 AM PST
There are restaurants that serve vegetarian & vegan food in East Setauket, but not ones that meet Happy Cow\'s \"Veg-Friendly\" criteria. Probably the most veg friendly place to eat locally is the Curry Club at 10 Woods Corner Road, just off 25A, near the intersection with Nicholls. Although the restaurant serves lots of meat (including lamb) most of the staff are vegetarian themselves and are highly supportive of vegetarians, and the menu has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. Furthermore their daily all-you-can-eat lunch buffet always includes many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their food isn\'t cheap, but it is good, and the lunch buffet is good value for money, especially at the weekend when it includes dosas.

Apart from the Curry Club it can be a challenge to find veg food locally. There is a local Turkish restaurant that has fairly good felafel (The Pita House, 100-27 South Jersey Avenue tucked away behind the strip mall that houses the local health conscious supermarket Wild By Nature, which has some good veg items at its deli). And there is a second Indian restaurant (Raga, 130 Old Town Road) which has some veg options though it is not as supportive of vegetarians as Curry Club is.

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