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3G Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.0 stars 32 reviews
3424 Cambie Street (at 18th Ave), Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 2W8
Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Asian, Take-out

Dim sum, Chinese and Thai food place in Cambie Village area. Uses Sheese vegan cheese and vegan faux meats in some dishes. Established in Dec 2009 and became all vegan as confirmed by the owner May 2011. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Chomp Vegan Eatery

  • Vegan Restaurant
3.5 stars 11 reviews
3586 Fraser Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 0B3
Mon-Sun 11:30am-7:30pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, Canadian, Western, Take-out

All menu items are vegan, gluten-free, and as organic & local as possible. Bright, artsy atmosphere with free Wi-Fi access. They also carry some products for resale as well. Previously located in Port Moody. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.


Edible Flours

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 18 reviews
2280 West Broadway (at /between Vine & Yew), Vancouver, British Columbia BC V6K 2E3
Tue-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm, Sun 11:00am-4:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, Bakery, Delivery

A vegan cafe with teas, coffees, cakes etc. & a store now. Open-concept kitchen and living room style seating area. Offers wheat, gluten, soy, and sugar free options. Moved from 2396 West 7th Ave.

Eternal Abundance

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 13 reviews
1025 Commercial Dr (at East Vancouver), Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3X1
Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm, Sun 10:00am-8:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, Western, Canadian, Raw, Juice bar, Take-out

Vegan organic cafe inside Eternal Abundance market. Offers whole food meals and sweets including soups, grain bowls, fresh juices and smoothies, salads, raw food, cakes and cookies. Under current ownership since Oct 2010. Moderate.


  • Vegan Restaurant
5.0 stars 4 reviews
1610 Robson St Unit 102, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1C7
Mon 7:00am-6:00pm, Wed-Fri 7:00am-6:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Western, American, Juice bar, Fast food, Take-out

Re-opened here Mar 2015 (previously on Richards St) and changed its vegetarian fast food menu to all-vegan. Offers free Wi-Fi, books, and games; discount for students and local employees. Menu has hotpot noodle soup, veggie "beef" stew, bean noodle with vegetables & tofu or vegan meat, Japanese salad, cheesecake, cake, pudding, jello, avocado creme brulee, smoothies, homemade fruit flavored lemonade, "mylkshake" and "mylk" tea. Free parking. Est. Nov 2014. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.


  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 21 reviews
3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 4E4
Mon-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sat 10:00am-11:00pm, Sun 10:00am-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Western, Canadian, American, Beer/Wine

Vancouver vegan restaurant serving all plant-based cuisine. Opened May 2013. Prices moderate and up. Accepts credit cards. Expensive.

Indigo Age Cafe and Kombucha Pub

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 2 reviews
436 Richards St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2Z4
Mon-Thu 10:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, All Raw, Organic, Juice bar, Western, Ukranian, Take-out

The owners of Inddigo raw food bar (at Greens Market) opened this raw vegan cafe and kombucha pub in Mar 2015, in the former Gorilla Food location. Offers a raw food combo meal which comes with a soup, salad, raw pizza, and a dessert. Or try the Ukrainian cuisine like borscht, perogi, cabbage rolls or stuffed bell pepper. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Indigo Raw Food Bar

  • Vegan Restaurant
4.5 stars 10 reviews
1978 W Broadway (at inside Greens Organic Market), Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1Z2
Mon-Thu 10:00am-6:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, Raw, American, Western, Juice bar, Take-out

Raw food bar established since 2010 and moved into Greens Market in Jan 2014. The menu is vegan and mostly raw and includes vegan cheese and dessert. After market hours, you take something from the fridge and pay at the supermarket cashier. The owners opened a 2nd location on Richard St Mar 2015. Moderate.

The Park at Graze

  • Vegan Restaurant
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3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 4E4
Thu-Sun 5:00pm-11:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan, American, International, Mexican, Fast food

A casual 100% vegan restaurant located upstairs from its sister restaurant Graze. Indoor food truck menu changes every 6-8 weeks and can include chili, tacos, fries, burritos and many others. Watch live music and entertainment while relaxing in this vibrant and colorful setting. Movies can be seen on a large projection wall. Reservations are not required. Happy Hour 5pm-7pm and 9pm-11pm. Closed on statutory holidays. Inexpensive.

Bandidas Tacqueria

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 19 reviews
2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4C5
Mon-Thu 9:00am-12:00am, Fri-Sat 9:00am-1:00am, Sun 9:00am-12:00am
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Mexican

Mexican cuisine menu with veggie tacos, burritos, nachos, spicy Mexican hot chocolate, and more; brunch daily until 3pm. Large community table seating, has Wi-Fi. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Budgie's Burritos

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
3.0 stars 14 reviews
44 Kingsway (at Main), Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3H9
Mon-Sun 11:00am-12:00am
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Fast food, Take-out, Mexican

Small Mexican fast food restaurant with limited seating. Huge burritos. Tacos with your choice of tofurkey sausage, roasted potatoes or chipotle tofu. Has a vegan pizza. All items can be made vegan by substituting dairy with guacamole at no extra charge. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Cafe Deux Soleils

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
2.0 stars 7 reviews
2096 Commercial Dr (at East Vancouver), Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Mon-Fri 8:00am-12:00am, Sat-Sun 9:00am-12:00am
Cuisine: Ovo, Lacto, Western, Take-out

All vegetarian as of May 2010. Some items contain eggs and/or dairy; limited vegan options. One dessert item, the rice crispy square, may use marshmallows with gelatin. Casual atmosphere. Live music on weekends. Not affiliated with Cafe du Soleil. Holidays hours are 9 am-12 am. Inexpensive.

Cafe Du Soleil

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 5 reviews
1393 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia V5l 3X5
Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western, Canadian, Bakery

Created by two moms and is a family-run operation, this cafe switched back and forth from veg to non-veg and is reported all-veg again as of 2015. Offers vegan baked goods that are mostly gluten-free, and a menu with items like tofu scramble with split beans or potatoes. Has outdoor seating. Moderate.

Doan's Craft Brewing Company

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
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1830 Powell St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 1H9
Wed-Thu 12:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-11:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Pizza, Canadian, American, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Brewery and lounge opened by 3 veg*ns of May 2015. Brews traditional German beers. Serving light fare including pizza, pretzel, spiced nuts,etc. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Heaven on Earth Cafe

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 1 review
853 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Mon-Sun 6:00am-7:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, American, Canadian, Organic, Take-out

Offers healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes with both cooked as well raw food. Made-to-order juices and smoothies, salads, wraps, sandwiches, pastries, daily soups, organic tea and coffee. Has outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Heirloom Juice Co.

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
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2861 Granville St, Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 3J4
Mon-Sun 7:00am-7:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, American, Organic, Juice bar, Take-out

Juice bar in South Granville opened Nov 2014 close to its sister restaurant Heirloom. Everything is vegetarian, mostly vegan. In addition to juices and smoothies, it offers grab n go prepared salads, snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. Check the board for specials. Small space with limited seating. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Heirloom Vegetarian

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 15 reviews
1509 W 12th Ave (at Granville), Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 2E2
Mon-Sun 9:00am-12:00am
Cuisine: Lacto, Ovo, Western, Canadian, American, Raw, Beer/Wine

Modern vegetarian food restaurant, since 2013. Has vegan dessert and offers a few vegan, raw, and gluten free options. Share plates and entrees cost around $20 each. Has brunch menu, late night menu. Free Wi-Fi. Accepts credit cards. Expensive.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
5.0 stars 7 reviews
4288 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V3P9
Mon-Thu 11:00am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-12:00am, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, American, Western, Beer/Wine

Opened Sept 2014, a gathering place serving burgers, grain and veggies bowls, fries and snacks, alcoholic beverages. All menu items are gluten-free and can come as vegan. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Sargam House

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 10 reviews
955 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1K3
Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm
Cuisine: Lacto, Indian, Buffet, Beer/Wine, Take-out

Serves a variety of vegetarian Indian cuisine. Offers a lunch buffet. Prices from cheap (lunch) to moderate (dinner). Converted to Sargam House in early 2013; previously operated as Saravanaa Bhavan. Kitchen breaks during the week from 3-5pm. Wheelchair accessible. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 10 reviews
1958 W4th Ave (at Maple St), Vancouver, British Columbia BC VJ6
Mon 9:00am-6:00pm, Tue-Sat 9:00am-8:00pm, Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Organic, International, Juice-bar, Take-out

Veggie restaurant offering a large variety of fresh juices; also organic salads, soups, and veggie burgers. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

Sweet Cherubim Restaurant and Bakery

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
3.5 stars 11 reviews
1105 Commercial Dr (at Napier, East Vancouver), Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 2NY
Mon-Sat 10:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Western, Canadian, Bakery, Take-out

Restaurant, bakery, and natural food store. Menu features baked goods, breakfast burritos, tofu scrambler, and more. Food is vegan suitable unless otherwise noted. Moderate.

Tera V Burger

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 11 reviews
2961 W Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2G9
Mon-Wed 11:30am-8:00pm, Thu 11:30am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-9:00pm, Sun 11:30am-8:30pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, American, Western, Fast food, Take-out

Fast food style eatery. Offers veggie burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. Every item except for the garden burger is available as vegan. Modern and clean decor. Uses biodegradable packaging. Inexpensive.

The Acorn

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 13 reviews
3995 Main St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 3P3
Mon-Wed 5:30pm-10:30pm, Thu-Sat 5:30pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 10:00am-2:30pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Raw, Canadian, American, Beer/Wine

Casual fine-dining modern vegetarian restaurant and bar opened in spring 2012. Serves west coast cuisine and uses fresh produce from local urban farms. Menu items are clearly marked. Reported to HappyCow to use only veg rennet or rennet-less cheeses. Brunch every Sat and Sun. Bar service until 12am Sun-Wed, and until 1am Thur-Sat. Expensive.

The Black Lodge

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 8 reviews
630 Kingsway St, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 3K4
Mon-Sun 5:30pm-12:00am
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, American, Western, Beer/Wine

A Twin Peaks TV show themed vegetarian food restaurant, opened its doors in June 2013. Serves casual, pub food with vegan and gluten free options. May 2015 reported that the bar uses non-veg items like Clamato which is made with clam juice - so be sure to check! Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

The Foundation Lounge

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.0 stars 26 reviews
2301 Main St (at 7th Ave), Vancouver, British Columbia BC V5T 3C9
Mon-Sun 12:00pm-1:00am
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Western, Beer/Wine,Take-out

Menu is extensive and varied, and portions are large. Casual atmosphere, full liquor license. Not totally vegan, serves dairy in some dishes and honey in sauces (can be substituted with maple syrup for most items). Inexpensive.

The Naam

  • Vegetarian Restaurant
3.5 stars 62 reviews
2724 W 4th Ave (at Kitsilano district), Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Call for hours - tell us
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Macrobiotic

Popular Vancouver vegetarian restaurant. Varied menu and nightly live music. Not totally vegan, uses honey on gravy and sauces. Also, not all items marked dairy-free and egg-free on the menu are vegan, check with the server for confirmation. Open 7 days, 24 hours. Moderate.


  • Vegetarian Restaurant
4.5 stars 3 reviews
2222 Kingsway (at East Vancouver), Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 2T7
Mon 11:00am-8:00pm, Wed-Thu 11:00am-8:00pm, Fri-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Vietnamese, Asian, Take-out

Vegetarian Vietnamese food restaurant, opened May 2013. Menu is concise and features dishes with tofu, noodle, baguette, and rolls. Uses faux meats. Accepts credit cards. Cash only. Inexpensive.

Agro Cafe

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.0 stars 2 reviews
1363 Railspur Alley (at Granville Island), Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Mon-Fri 8:00am-7:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-7:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Western, American, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Coffee house and roaster. Offers vegan choices like muffin, brownie, or sweet bread; sandwich and wrap, soup, chili, and salad. Uses much as possible fair trade, local, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. Free Wi-Fi. Short walk from #50 drop off at Granville Island's entrance. Inexpensive.

All India Sweets and Restaurant

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 1 review
6507 Main Street (at 49th Ave), Vancouver, British Columbia V5X 3H1
Call for hours - tell us
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, Buffet, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Offers a daily vegetarian buffet with vegan options. A la carte menu not vegetarian. Outdoor patio seating available. Open daily. Accepts credit cards. Inexpensive.

Aphrodite Cafe and Pie Shop

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
3.5 stars 6 reviews
3598 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 1P2
Mon-Sun 9:00am-9:30pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Western, Bakery, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. Organic cafe and pie shop, previously both occupying this space but in Jan 2015 the moved just across the street. The pie shop remains here. Offers a few vegan choices including tofu scramble. Ask for the vegan pie. Moderate.

Aree Thai Restaurant

  • Vegetarian-Friendly
4.0 stars 1 review
1150 Kingsway (at Knight St), Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Tue-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Thai, Take-out, Non-veg

Serves meat, veg options available. The owner of this authentic Thai restaurant is willing to make adjustments to almost every dish to accommodate vegetarian and vegan requests. You tell them if you are vegetarian or vegan and they will let you know your options. The only protein choice is tofu. Accepts credit cards. Moderate.

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