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Join teamCow in our pursuit of the best eats and veg-friendly world destinations. Please enjoy, and forward to all your friends who might be traveling in the coming days!

Our community is powered by caring people from around the world who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle.
More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
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On the Web, On the Road

Search for top-rated veg restaurants, and find natural food markets everywhere you go. For the road we've got smartphone apps.

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Vegan on Television

In case you missed it, CNN's Anderson Cooper gets schooled on 'vegan' by talk show personality, Jane Velez-Mitchell, who recommends the HappyCow App to him.

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interview Moby
Have You Heard?

The cows' jingle by Ken is gonna make you smile. Hear it in the intro to our interview with vegan musician Moby.

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New Blog Entries

- 5 reasons vegans need B12
- A whole new world of veggie meats
- Why restaurants should care about offering vegan options
- Meatless Mondays: walnut almond and chia pudding

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Global Travel 101
Before embarking on your next adventure, browse our VegTravel section for tips on eating well and staying healthy. Download our mobile apps to help you find restaurants along the way. Find bed and breakfasts, retreats, and services that cater especially for vegetarians and vegans. Below are highlights of some stellar places to refresh and recharge:
Camp Biche
Camp Biche, a luxury vegan boot camp
Go southwestern France >
Someday Farm
Someday Farm Vegan Bed & Breakfast
See Freeland, Washington >
Waterfall Villas
Waterfall Villas Boutique Eco Retreat
Explore Costa Rica >
Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
Explore Costa Rica >
Windward House
Windward House Bed & Breakfast
Visit Costal Maine>
Tree House
Tree House Vegan Guesthouse
Tour Panama >
Casa della Pace
Casa della Pace Nature Retreat
Travel Italy >
Vegan Retirement
Vegan Retirement
Provides affordable lifetime care in a tropical location. info >
healthy living
Cocoa Mojo Organic Cocoa Mix from EnerHealth Botanicals is an innovative blend of organic cocoapowder, organic low-glycemic coconut palm sugar, and a proprietary blend of organic medicinal mushrooms designed to support your immune system. 100% Vegan and certified organic, there is not a more delicious way to ensure your immune system is supported than enjoying a hot cup of Cocoa Mojo.

Just add a tablespoon of “Mojo” to hot water, your favorite milk, or your coffee and enjoy! The ingredients are ancient, but the design is revolutionary. Find your Mojo today! Enter coupon code "happycow" receive 10% off.
Cocoa Mojo
FarmaSea Health The only unprocessed, raw, whole food supplement (with iodine, B-12 and iron) containing red, brown and green macros; 40-60 times the concentration of any land plant. We’re Bringing Out Your Nature.® Since 1983
FarmaSea Health
Amy's Kitchen Light & Lean meals
Amy's Kitchen
Pure Vegan Visit for all your vegan nutrition

Pure Vegan
Bill Gates touts plant protein sources as global food solution
Random acts of kindness could make you a happier person
Why the U.S. has the cheapest, most addictive, and most nutritionally inferior food
10 protein packed plants
New study links early death, processed-meat consumption
Video: actor simulates fish drowning for PETA
Video: a hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live, "Welcome to Veganville"
Thank you for your participation. Thanks also to our friend restaurants & stores.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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