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Cow in London

Coming to you from Abbey Road in London, it's Eric, Diana, and teamCow with the latest buzz and travel highlights. Please enjoy, and forward to all your friends who might be traveling in the coming days.

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vegan avenue
World's First Vegan Avenue

Take a tour of the world's first vegan avenue and largest vegan grocery store. This entire block houses 100% vegan businesses including a market, a cafe, a brunch place, a clothing shop, and a shoe store. Do you know where it is?

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veggie blog
Veggie Blog

Cow member David C. reflects on Lebanese cuisine and offers a recipe for mujadarra, a rice pilaf made with lentils, rice, onion, and garlic. Have you eaten yet?

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Find veg restaurants and health food using our global guide, which features over 58,000+ reviews by vegetarians, vegans, and natural food enthusiasts like yourself.

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Aww.. This is Nice

"I really credit HappyCow. Every vegetarian or vegan musician I know, they go on tour, and their tour manager knows about HappyCow, and every city they go to, they check it. So they really are sort of the unsung heroes of the vegan world." - musician Moby in VegNews magazine, June 2013

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mobile app
Life is a Journey
...we'll help you eat along the way! Planning a trip? Be sure to download the HappyCow mobile app, available on iPhone, Android, Windows 7, Palm Pre, and Nokia. Simply enter your search location--wherever you are or wish to go--to see a list of nearby veg restaurants & health food stores along with member reviews. Also browse our VegTravel pages for hotels and places that cater for vegetarians & vegans, like the following:
Villa Medicea Lappeggi
Bio B&B Villa Medicea Lappeggi - Florence, Italy
Private suites in a stunning garden location. info >
TipiWalk - Portugal
Guided hikes and canoe trips in the central regions. info >
Sleeping Strawberry
Sleeping Strawberry - Seoul, South Korea
Eco and vegan-friendly guesthouse for women. info >
Southern Fried Rice
Southern Fried Rice - Phuket, Thailand
Budget guesthouse with veg-friendly restaurant. info >
The Spa Resort
The Spa Resort - Koh Chang, Thailand
Healthy cuisine and island-style pampering. info >
Karma Waters
Karma Waters - Hoi An & Da Nang, Vietnam
Responsible tourism and pure veg restaurants. info >
Cabot Shores
Cabot Shores - Nova Scotia, Canada
Wilderness resort & good food on Cape Breton Island. info >
Velo BnB
Velo Bed and Breakfast - Oregon, USA
Provides gourmet all-veg breakfast. info >
Sacred Space
Sacred Space - California, USA
Healing retreat center in historic Anderson Springs. info >
Sewall House
Sewall House - Maine, USA
Yoga retreat & wellness therapies in Island Falls. info >
Blockade Runner Resort
Blockade Runner Beach Resort - North Carolina, USA
Hotel, surf, oceanfront dining in Wrightsville Beach. info >
Orchid Garden
Orchid Garden Eco Village - Belize
Hotel, veg-friendly restaurant, and adventure tours. info >
Healthy Living
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Natural Food Shop
Dhealthstore.com Specializes in information and health products formulated by master herbalist and health researcher, Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.
News Headlines
Vegetarian diet adds years to lifespan, new study
New York City public elementary school goes all-vegetarian
Former omnivore and professional food writer comes out as vegetarian
A vegan office: How one workplace has moved to get healthier together
Organic cooperative farm proves that agriculture can prosper in Cuba
Researcher successfully treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder through diet
Conventional American foods chockfull of ingredients banned in other countries
12 strategies for optimizing your health
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- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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