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Please enjoy this Earth Day month edition, and forward to all your friends who might also like to be part of our growing community.

Our community is powered by caring people from around the world who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
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What's VEG got to do with it?

Imagine cleaner air and rivers and growing rainforests. Imagine your body rejuvenating from enzyme-rich plant foods. Welcome to the eco plant food revolution where the simple act of eating is a powerful tool to combat pollution, climate change, animal suffering, and human disease. Join us as we explore the impacts of current food systems on the environment and why eating veg is better for our planet, your health, and the animals.

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meatless mondays
Meatless Mondays at HappyCow

Every Monday we present a recipe to tantalize your taste buds and inspire creativity in your kitchen. Get ideas for veggie burger patties, sensational salads, berry-licious baked goodies, stir-frys with international flavors, and more.

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celebrity interview lelani munter
Celebrity Interview: Lelani Munter

Professional race car driver, Lelani Munter, chats with HappyCow Ken about her veg lifestyle and promoting meatless diet via a VegNation race car.

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21 day kickstart
21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Sign up for Physicians Committee’s 21-day program and gain an all-access pass to 21 daily e-mail messages, a 3-week meal plan, nutrition webcasts, social support in the community forum, and tips from celebrity coaches.

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Kelly's Bake Shoppe - Burlington, Canada
Award-winning bakery specializing in gluten-free vegan treats, from brownies and cupcakes to cookies and muffins. info >
La Mano Verde
La Mano Verde - Berlin
Creating contemporary gourmet cuisine that's 100% plant-based with both cooked as well raw food. info >
El Piano
El Piano - York, UK
A long-time local favorite providing all vegan and gluten-free tapas style meals in biodegradable pine boats. info >
Kamakshi's Kitchen
Kamakshi's Kitchen - San Mateo, California
Bay Area's vegetarian lunch, catering, and meals delivery source specializing in North & South Indian cuisine. info >
VeggieXPress - South Florida
Mobile food trailer cookin' up tasty bites in and around Fort Lauderdale. Its motto is "Goodness on Wheels." info >
Rosti's Tuscan Kitchen
Rosti Tuscan Kitchen - Los Angeles
Veg-friendly Italian restaurant with 3 L.A. locations, all provide a separate vegan menu upon request. info >
Natural Selection
Natural Selection - Portland
European-style restaurant featuring finely crafted dinners that highlight the flavors France, Italy, and Spain. info >
community bulletin

* Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa is seeking volunteers to help with daily chores of caring for 500 monkeys.
* NYC's Anastasia invites us to visit her vegan blog and podcast, singing with my mouth full.
*Music composer and avid traveler, Ahmed, who uses the Cows site to find good eats, shares his sounds.
* Vegtoons website and pilot episode is now available for your viewing pleasure.
* Bali's Kristofir presents avocado appreciation meeting.
* Joanna Dubois tells us that Veggie Thursday is a success in major Belgium cities.
* Cartoons by Jerry King will make you chuckle.

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healthy living
Once Again Nut Butter Fair trade, organic, and all-natural
Once Again Nut Butter
StarLite Cuisine™ creates high quality, all-natural and delicious vegan foods. Try all three of their lines: Taquitos, Rolled Tacos, and their newest product Enchiladas
StarLite Cuisine
Dhealthstore.com specializes in information and health products formulated by master herbalist and health researcher, Djehuty Ma'at-Ra
Pure Vegan Visit the new ShopNHR.com for all your vegan nutrition
Pure Vegan
greens news
Biofuel-powered transit with a healthy shot of uncommonly good customer service
A documentary film that unearths the dramatic story of seeds
School gardens plant seeds of healthy eating
Climate change: how a warming world is a threat to our food supplies
Growing organic is all about the dirt
Green is good: our brains and bodies benefit much more from exercising when we do it outdoors than indoors
Peace on Earth. Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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