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Dining Adventures
Planning a special night out with your sweetheart or family? Search HappyCow.net for the top-rated restaurants. See reviews, photos, and info for booking your reservation.
Fabulous Flyers
Please download HC flyers and distribute widely! Our friendly flyers are great for taking to health fairs and food festivals, or drop 'em off at your local veg restaurants & markets.
Veggie Blogs
Celebrities and veganism; Top rated breakfast spots; Iron rich food for toddlers; A case for cleansing; How you cook your veggies may determine whether you love ‘em or leave ‘em...
Organic Lives Vancouver
Features changing living food menus, fresh juice and smoothies; plus prepared raw snacks and superfoods for takeaway. info>
Seasoned Vegan New York City
Offers creative and healthy daily rotating themed menus, in addition to personal catering service. info>
Living Well Bistro Portland
The first all vegan restaurant located in a hospital designed to serve the public and all interested in health and wellness. info>
El Piano Granada
Takeaway shop providing vegan, gluten-free meals and tapas served in biodegradable pine boats; complimentary herbal infusions. info>
The Hub's Wok Brisbane
Asian cuisine with a separate vegetarian menu where each dish is made-to-order; uses lamyong vegetarian products. info>
What's Cookin' in HappyCow's Kitchen
Cheezy broccoli soup
Fresh veggies nori rolls
Almond carob pudding
Chocolate banana cream pie
Vegan Cuts Save 25-60% off vegan products when you shop at VeganCuts.com. Their weekly e-newsletter gives you the inside advantage on vegan food items, body care products, clothing, and much more. A great way to discover new vegan companies!
Living Tree Community Foods almond butter is created in Berkeley, a wellspring of the human spirit. It has a rich tradition of Americans who dared to stand up and speak their truth. In its aliveness it is an intimation of what you can be. That's why it's called Freedom Butter.
Pure Vegan calcium / magnesium
Bites of Bliss superfood bites
The Pasty Oven vegan pockets
Resurgence, a magazine for people who care about the environment, relish new ideas, and are looking for inspiration on sustainable living
Farmers as change agents
The compassion instinct: research shows that a compassionate attitude towards others improves mental and physical health
Reach beyond yourself: individual actions matter in ways we might not anticipate
Should sugar be regulated like a controlled substance? Why some are saying yes
North Americans are eating less and less meat
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