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Please enjoy this year-end edition of MooZine, and forward to all your friends who might like to part of our growing community.

Our community is powered by caring people from around the world who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
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We did it! is voted "Favorite Veg Website" of 2012, making this our 6th consecutive year Veggie Award win. Thank you for your support.

An incredible year in VEG

As we reflect on another year passed, we feel blessed for the opportunity to continue the HappyCow service. Our community has accomplished so much in 2012, including:

* Maintained a restaurants & stores guide with daily updates to assist more people find compassionate and healthy food
* Provided a safe online space for sharing and exchange
* Hosted over 8 million visitors
* Surpassed 50,000 reviews
* Added functionality to HappyCow smartphone apps
* Published daily facebook posts and weekly blogs
* Partnered with Peta and Peta2 to provide the HappyCow Restaurant Guide directly from their sites to their members
* Supported veg restaurants & health food stores worldwide

There are many ways to get involved.

join the movement >
Wayward Vegan Cafe
Wayward Vegan Cafe - Seattle
Indulge in down-home comfort food and American classics with all the satisfaction and none of the cruelty. info >
The Restaurant at Mango Bay
The Restaurant @ Mango Bay - Grenada
The only pure veg restaurant on the island, it features organic and West Indian Ital creations. info >
Cafe Blossom
Cafe Blossom - New York City
West Village is home to the newest Blossom cafe, which provides creative vegan cuisine and biodynamic wine. info >
The Vegan Joint
The Vegan Joint - Hollywood
Congratulations on this 3rd location opening. Now cooking tasty vegan Thai and American fare. info >
Loving Hut
Loving Hut - San Francisco
Enjoy quick and hearty vegan meals and delectable cakes at this Asian food cafe in the Sunset District. info >
Queen Sheba
Queen Sheba - Sacramento
Specializing in authentic Ethiopian cuisine that is vegan-friendly and delicious. info >
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dogs of war
New books by cow members and friends

* Main Street Vegan details what one needs to know to eat healthfully and live compassionately, by Victoria Moran
* The Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare, co-edited by Frank Cullen of American Vaudeville Museum
* Vegetarian cooking e-book written in German, by Math Monnich
* Dogs of War is a loving look at the animals that provided friendship to men who were faced with some of civilization’s most difficult decisions, by Kathleen Kinsolving

healthy living
Humane Travel Amazing travel options. A portion of proceeds go to support animal rights.
Humane Travel
Pure Vegan products Visit the new for all your vegan nutrition
Pure Vegan
Amy's Kitchen Vegetarian and vegan meals
Amy's Kitchen
Carotenoids in fruits and vegetables may lower breast cancer risk, review finds
Exercise trumps brain games in keeping our minds intact
The rise of the sharing communities
Act powerful, be powerful
Love and Peace. Your participation makes our service possible.
- Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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