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September 2011

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Jalapeños en escabeche

Enjoy these delectable recipes from our Meatless Monday specials blog series:
- Quinoa chili stir fry
- Raw collard wrap
- Vegan curry puffs
Also try this Jalapeños en escabeche marinade.


Join the action
- International Vegetarian Week "A Sustainable Future Depends on Our Food Choices," Oct 1-7
- World Farm Animals Day. On and around Oct 2, caring people worldwide will be participating in events to raise awareness for the plight of farmed animals.
- National Conference to End Factory Farming hosted by Farm Sanctuary, Oct 27-29
Find more events & discussion in HC community forum.


Your Letters
"Thank you for the great site. I am trying to follow a vegan diet and have an upcoming business trip. I really was worried, but thanks to your site I now have a better idea of where I can eat!" -C.Blumentritt

Featured (Cow-Friendly) Restaurants


vege2go Vegitalian provides fresh Italian vegetarian meals for take-away. It's the place to get healthy Mediterranean cuisine in Melbourne, Australia.

Jazzy Veggie

Jazzy Veggie in Ann Arbor, Michigan, invites you to indulge in their flavorful plant food creations like sweet potato-quinoa burger and vegan crab cakes.

Homegrown Smoker

Homegrown Smoker natural barbeque cart in Portland, Oregon, grills up soy curls and tempeh ribs served with down-home sides like mac-no-cheese & cornbread.

V Note

New York City's V Note wine bar & vegan bistro features tapas, organic wine and beer, full menus, and weekend brunch. Live classical Spanish guitar evenings.

Madre Tierra

Madre Tierra, the onsite gourmet organic restaurant at the luxury eco-resort hotel Rancho de Caldera in Panama's Boquete, happily accommodates veg*n diets.

Healthy Living Marketplace

Pure Kidz

Pure Kidz vitamin C spray


Essentia natural memory foam mattress

Mr. Q Cumber

Mr. Q Cumber sparkling beverage


Yogavive organic popped apple chips

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen veggie pizzas & meals

Living Tree Community Foods

Living Tree Community Foods almond butter is created in Berkeley, a wellspring of the human spirit. It has a rich tradition of Americans who dared to stand up & speak their truth. In its aliveness it is an intimation of what you can be. That's why it's called Freedom Butter.

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* New Zealand's Charlotte Squire invites you to visit her green, good news website, happyzine.
* Kristin Lajeunesse travels for food and blogs about the incredible vegan restaurants she finds using HappyCow.

* Our friend Lloyd Itano grows the world's hottest chili pepper so spicy it's known as "ghost chili." You have to try it to believe it! ShakeMyBhut

News and Noteworthy

A cup of tea a day keeps the dentist away

Special vegan diet lowers cholesterol significantly, study finds

Reality TV show 'Biggest Loser' trainer chooses vegan lifestyle

Hate to burst your bubble, but... 9 reasons to stop chewing gum

7-Eleven adds vegan meals to nearly 100 stores across the northeastern U.S.

Guide to hexane-extracted soy in meat alternatives

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