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October 2011

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World Go Vegan Week

Veganize this! World Go Vegan Week is October 24-31, a celebration of compassion and a time to take action for animals, the environment, world hunger, and everyone's well-being. This year's slogan is 'Vegan Pizza Takes Over the World' -more info

Find other veg activities, meetings, & participate in discussions at HappyCow's Community Forum.


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Vegan Cupcakes

Enjoy these recipes from the Veggie Blog:
- Sassy Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes w/ vegan peanut buttercream frosting
- Pumpkin and Asparagus Tofu

Print vegetarian, vegan, raw food, low fat, gluten free, and macrobiotic recipes from our Kitchen


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Your Letters
Thank you for maintaining this great resource. It has helped me find lots of places to eat in Bangkok when I converted to full vegetarian. - E.Quah

Featured (Cow-Friendly) Restaurants

Sun Cafe

When in Studio City, California, visit Sun Cafe for their popular dishes like the kale shake, raw nachos, raw supreme pizza, and cookie dough pie.

Cafe Blossom

New York City's Cafe Blossom specializes in contemporary organic vegan cuisine and features the Norwalk juicing system.

Spiral Diner & Bakery

Texas' Spiral Diner & Bakery has been serving delicious, cruelty-free fare since 2002. Try the sketti n' meatballs and Sunday's all-you-can-eat vegan pancake.

Sweet Lemon Bistro

Sweet Lemon Bistro in Portland, Oregon, provides fresh made daily from scratch vegan dishes with varied menu choices from wraps to rice and pho noodle.

Italia Pizza

Italia Pizza and Mediterranean Cuisine is Nashville Tenessee's very veg-friendly restaurant. Enjoy vegan cheese pizza, vegan Teese sticks, and hummus pizza.

Vertical Diner

Vertical Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah, features down-home vegan American comfort food and all-day breakfast like hash browns, biscuits & gravy.

Veg Travel


VegVoyages introduces more exciting destinations for their popular vegetarian and vegan adventures in Asia. So if you like adventures, cultures and great vegetarian and vegan food, visit them at or join them on VegVoyages facebook.

Campe Biche

Campe Biche luxury fitness boot camp, France

Atitlan Awakening

Atitlan Awakening personal retreat center, Guatemala

Healthy Living Marketplace

Sophie's Kitchen
Sophie's Kitchen

Sophie's Kitchen® Vegan Seafood!

Vegan Seafood! Huh?
Vegan Seafood is not a paradox: It's a delicious revolution! Sophie is our first child and she loves all kinds of seafood, yet her allergic reaction to it scared us. So we took our 20 years+ experience in creating vegetarian foods to offer products that feature traditional, plant based superfoods. Perfect for vegans, those who are allergic to seafood… and everyone who loves delicious food!

Konjac! Sophie's Kitchen products are made with konjac root (konnyaku, elephant yam), pronounced 'kon-jack'. This ancient superfood is low in calories, high in fiber and is also very popular in Japanese cuisine. We combine konjac with nutrient-rich seaweed to create sustainable, plant based alternatives to farm-raised seafood and dwindling seafood sources from the ocean.

Winner of VegNews Best New Product, Expo West, 2011

Once Again Nut Butter

Once Again Nut Butter fair trade, organic, and natural

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen veggie meals

Pure Vegan

Pure Vegan advanced vegan multi-vitamin

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

News and Noteworthy

Turn stress into bliss

UK vegetarian dating site pulled off after admitting the majority of the people on its database were meat eaters

Major U.S. agribusinesses
competing with organics on the cheap, "natural" food products with toxic chemicals and GMOs deceiving consumers

Son of a farmer, child of the earth: a path to agriculture’s higher consciousness

What's cool whip made of? + Vegan whip cream recipe you can make at home

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