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June 2010

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Please continue to support Veg restaurants by writing about your positive dining experiences on HappyCow. Let's keep veggie eateries in business & make the veg movement stronger with each dining adventure.

Veggie Calendar

Visit The Veggie Calendar to find or post upcoming events. Learn about the 2010 Animal Rights Conference in Washington DC, the 36th Vegetarian Summerfest in Pennsylvania, regional vegetarian society meetings, potlucks, vegan drinks, and documentary screenings.


In your words.
Thank you for everything that you do to make the world a better place. I have been using your website for about 6 years, and it has been amazing in helping me find vegan options all over the world when I travel. Keep up the great work! -A.Tavernini

This Way to Good Eats: featured restaurants
For a comprehensive global guide to veggie restaurants and health food markets,
please visit: www.happycow.net


Kingsland in Canberra, Australia, offers healthy vegan cuisine at affordable prices to encourage everyone to try more plant based meals.

El Piano

El Piano in Granada, Spain, is a takeaway shop providing vegan and gluten-free food. Fill your pine boat with an array of options.

To Go-Go!

To Go-Go! is a grab-n-go vegetarian kitchen located within Bradford Natural Market in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Travel Veg Style
For more veggie accommodations worldwide, please visit: HappyCow's travel guide

Enchanting Waterfall Villas

Enchanting Waterfall Villas, a Balinese luxury rainforest eco-retreat, offers spectacular waterfalls fed by natural springs, exotic wildlife, detox spa, yoga, and the freshest organic fruits and veggies - vegan, vegetarian, and raw vegan gourmet - in all of Costa Rica.

Orchid Garden Eco-Village

Orchid Garden Eco-Village Belize


L'Atelier Guesthouse and Cookery Southern Spain

Healthy Living Marketplace

Pure Vegan

Pure Vegan complete meal replacement

May Wah

May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food is a company dedicated to supplying delicious vegetarian food. Their extensive line of products includes vegan roasted popcorn chicken, rice dumpling, vegan sausages, and vegan tuna.

Rivenrock Gardens

Rivenrock Gardens edible organic cactus

News & Noteworthy

In the most recent example of animal compassion, a study published by Nature Communications shows that orphaned baby squirrels are sometimes adopted by other squirrel moms.

Low-fat vegan diet for reversing diabetes.

Twitter's co-founder, Biz Stone, eats vegan food and supports social causes.

Finding Jesus in seitan.

PETA's salad dressing too spicy for trash cans.

Nina Gonzalez is the hero of the Stafford High chicken nugget rebellion.

Artifacts, a vegan meat locker with a heartbeat.

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