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November 2009

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Hooray for the Cows


HappyCow voted "Favorite Vegetarian Website" for the 3rd year in a row in the Veggie Awards survey sponsored by VegNews magazine. We also won "Favorite Vegetarian Forum."

Thank You for your support! We would like to dedicate the awards to eating well, to respecting the planet, and to honoring the Great Spirit in all animals.

On the Web

Follow This Member

NEW: 'Follow This Member' is the latest site feature that lets you stay up-to-date on all new reviews written by your favorite foodies on HappyCow. See a member whose reviews you respect and want to read more from her/him? Just go to that member's profile, and click on the icon (as shown) to be added to her/his loop.

Food Finder

Food Finder search improved. Search for restaurants & stores by specific categories, including "vegetarian," "vegan," "veg-friendly," and/or "stores." Check only the boxes that interest you, then set the radius for your search--from 1 to 25 miles. Our system will retrieve a list that matches your set criteria. Maps are also available.

In Your Words

In your words
I'm a grateful person who has eaten in vegetarian restaurants around the world with your help. Thank you. -R.Kantor

Celebrate Compassion

Gentle Thanksgiving

Gentle Thanksgiving is an opportunity for Americans to encourage friends and family to adopt compassionate alternatives to cruel turkey dinners. Learn about the lives of turkeys. Find vegetarian versions of traditional recipes. Host or join an event.

Thanks Living
makes this a life-affirming holiday for the whole family.

Featured Restaurants

Grass Root

Grass Root Organic Restaurant in Tampa and Lakeland, Florida, provides a balanced menu to satisfy the vegan, raw, and vegetarian palate.


Seed by Eric Lechasseur in Venice, California, specializes in organic, macrobiotic, vegan cuisine and amazing desserts.

Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin in Puerto Rico features an extensive vegetarian menu that includes creative tofu dishes and fresh salads.

Native Foods

Native Foods, with 6 locations in California, is the home to Chef Tanya Petrovna's famous blackened tempeh burger and bali surf tacos.

Healthy Living Marketplace

Veggie Brothers

Veggie Brothers - Don't let your diet cause stress over the holidays. VeggieBrothers.com has mastered creating familiar comfort food dishes that are sure to fit within your family's culture and traditions and will appeal to all taste buds. First time customer get 10%OFF.

Living Tree Community Foods

Living Tree Community Foods manufactures organic, raw, and kosher nut butters in Berkeley, California. The nut butters are made slowly, over several days and in small batches so they are always fresh and alive. Find other products in their store including living oils, nuts, coconut products, and organic gifts.

Boardwalk Chocolates

Boardwalk Chocolates

Pure Vegan

Pure Vegan advanced multi-vitamin

News and Noteworthy

Al Gore finally acknowledges the connection between eating less meat to curbing global warming!

A new global warming strategy: How environmentalists are overlooking vegetarianism as the most effective tool against climate change in our lifetimes.

A new documentary seeks to unravel the mystery of why billions of honey bees have been disappearing from hives across the United States.

Raising a child in a vegetarian household.

TckTckTck is an unprecedented global alliance of civil society organizations, trade unions, faith groups and people like you--all calling for a fair, ambitious, and binding climate change agreement.


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Peace, love, and gratitude - Eric, Diana, Shanti, & the Cows

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