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- Covina, 2007/03/24
Subject: Wow
This place really is a surpriser. There is a lot of fun out there and a lot of options at many restaurants for both vegetarians and vegans. Also, there are night clubs all over the place so night life is always on.

- Alhambra, 2007/03/24
Subject: Up and Up
This city is really on the up and up. Pretty soon there will be more to do here, but even now there are a lot of neat little things tucked away; look around and you are sure to find some interesting things in this city.

- Cerritos, 2007/03/24
Subject: The City
It's a great place. A really nice thing is the Cerrito's Center of Performing Arts. There are a ton of really good productions there and it's a nice thing to go there and then out to eat...make a day of things.

- Beverly Hills, 2007/03/24
Subject: 100% Satisfied
The farmer's markets are very good. There's a lot of selection and it's a fun place to be. Also, there are so many restaurants that although there are none listed as veg-friendly, it's quite possible to find a satisfying meal here.

- Pasadena, 2007/03/24
Subject: Fast food for health
What's not to love about this place? It's fast, delicious, and all vegetarian. A word of caution: not all dishes are vegan (i.e. things with soy cheese).

- Glendale, 2007/03/24
Subject: Little Markets
There are a ton of ethnic restaurants in the area. Also, there are so many little Armenian markets that have little cold cases full of things like different kinds of delicate olives, fresh feta cheese (good for lactos looking for something to enjoy), fresh hummus, and a number of other Middle Eastern specialties. All of these tasties are for a really good price too.

- Burbank, 2007/03/24
Subject: Good Restaurants
Although it typically doesn't pop into one's head as the most veg-friendly place ever, Burbank has some redeeming qualities. Along San Fernando Blvd near the Media Center there are restaurants galore, many of which are small ethnic eateries that are happy to help a veggie in need.

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