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- Bulgaria, 2007/01/25
Subject: Visit Bulgaria!
I'm not surprised that there's no notes about thst country, but still I hope more and more people will visit Bulgaria, especially since it joined EU in 2007!
Bulgaria is small, beautiful, rustic, live and devirse! One can find anything from modern clubs, hotels and restaurants to thousands years old ruins, fast busy cosmopolitan cities to rural small cozy villages. tall magestic mountains to soft sand beaches.
traveling as a vegetarian is pleasure. almost every restaurant in the big cities have good portion of vegetarian items, and the stuff usually knows about it. Vegan would be much harder! unless one looks into a few eclectic places, where they offer classic bulgaria cuisine with a handfull vegan dishes that are amazing.
also check out the street markets, usually designated areas in every city that offer great variety of fruites, vegetables, legumes, nuts and herbs. Pretty much everything is organic and is sold derectlly by the producer. just walking trough the market one can not avoid the luscious boucket of aromas tingeling the senses!
There's no way that one can sumerize the country in a small report, so if you are planning to visit Bulgaria, feel free to contact me and i'll be more that happy to answer any questions about traveling vegetarians in Bulgaria.

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