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all regional travel notes by: stef42678

- Las Vegas, 2007/07/05
Subject: Vegetarian Chili
I just found a newly opened Red Rock Chili Company in Las Vegas, and they have a great vegetarian chili on their menu. This is a great place to keep in mind, once winter comes.

- Whittier, 2007/03/10
Subject: Small town restaurants
I grew up in this town and it is a great place to walk for some old town restaurant feel. There aren't many vegetarian places around, but almost every restaurant uptown Whittier has some sort of vegetarian offering. Herbie's health foods store is one of the best places to go, it is a vegetarian product mecca. It has vitamins and a few vegetarian foods, so it is a great resource. My favorite place to shop is Trader Joe's because they have so much for vegetarians and the prices are great. While this city isn't focused on vegetarians, there are some great places if you know where to look.

- Orange, 2007/03/10
Subject: Vegetarian Block
My favorite place to go in Orange is the Block because it is a great shopping atmosphere and there are some fun restaurants too. My favorite place to go is Rainforest Cafe because they have a great Natural Veggie burger and it is a great atmosphere too. This restaurant is fun for the whole family, and the Block has shops for everyone.

- Huntington Beach, 2007/03/10
Subject: Vegetarian Beach
I absolutely love Huntington Beach because it is so much fun just to walk along the shore and shop on Main Street. There aren't too many vegetarian only places, but I do love the veggie burger at Ruby's diner because you can eat on the pier and it is a lot of fun. Plus this place has something for everyone.

- Palm Desert, 2007/01/24
Subject: Luscious vegetarian dining
My favorite vegetarian dining spot in this town has to be Luscious Lorraine's. While the food is not 100% vegetarian, the service is great and there are a lot of options on the menu for vegetarians. The place is a little overpriced, but the ambiance is nice, so this is my choice for vegetarian dining in the desert as long as you don't mind a little spice to your entrees.

- Long Beach, 2007/01/24
Subject: Vegetarian at the beach
There isn't much vegetarian food places in this town, but my favorite find is PF Changs. I know it is a big franchise, but there is a great location at Shoreline Village and the food is not only great but the atmosphere is fun too. You can sit out on the patio and gaze at the Queen Mary with your vegetarian faire. This place is definitely my favorite at the beach.

- Las Vegas, 2007/01/24
Subject: Go Vege in Vegas!
If you are looking for vegetarian faire in Vegas, you have to travel off the strip but you can find it at such places as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. These grocery stores have a great selection of vegetarian products that not only taste great but are reasonably priced. The best all vegetarian dining venue I have found is the Go Raw Cafe, because it is a nice atmosphere and good food. But my favorite vegetarian dish in Las Vegas is the portabello sandwich at Cheesecake Factory. Las Vegas is an endless mecca of vegetarian foods, you just have to get out there and find it.

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