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- La Barra, 2011/12/05
Subject: Veggi Haven in South America
La Barra Uruguay
2012 - Veggi Haven in South America


In La Barra, near Punta del Este, Uruguay (the fashionable Monte Carlo of South America), local restaurants have adopted a vegetarian friendly policy instigated by local 'holistic' online directory, greenpagespunta.com.

Named the Viaje Verde Trail, this initiative invites the chefs to create dishes using local, organic, seasonal vegetables only. Since its inception in 2010, the first 100% Vegetarian Gourmet Bistro, Bilu Belua, has successfully been in business for a year and now a Krishna restaurant will hold its opening in a few weeks.

To have two 100% vegetarian restaurants and 90% of the others offering vegetarian options in a parilla (BBQ) loving country, famous for its beef and football, truly makes La Barra a veggi haven in South America!


Submitted by: greenpagespunta

- Grand Canyon, 2011/11/10
Subject: from HC visitor Pat
El Tovar Dining Room at the El Tovar Hotel is a lovely old hotel dining room that serves at least one vegetarian entree and has extremely friendly service [they are focused on that].

Also the Yavapai Lodge Cafeteria - is a cheaper option that has veggie burgers+.

The Desert View Trading Post serves a veggie plate.

On the north rim, the park lodge [open til Oct 15th] has a bean burger. By this - for all 4 locations - I mean there is protein [beans, veggie burger, etc.] not just vegetables w/ no protein.

There is very little in Grand Canyon Arizona, the town on the south side beyond the park [just pizza]. So we were thrilled to find veggie anythng in the park.

- Al Ain, 2011/06/11
Subject: General notes
As a general note for Al Ain: as with other places in the UAE, there is a large Indian expat community and so lots and lots of Indian restaurants / eateries, most (if not all) of which are at least veggie friendly.

Dubai Mughal is on the very corner of Al Ain Mall, and the other 2 restaurants are within walking distance of it. Plenty of parking available for all 3, and buses 960, 970 & 990 run past.

For snacks on the go, at the Volcano Pastry & Cafeteria (Arabic food) in the food hall of Jimi Mall you can get tasty falafel ‘sandwiches’ for 5 AED, or veggie samosas at the Indian counter adjacent.

Worth mentioning also that a lot of food shops & supermarkets stock soya milk as well as other veggie staples, but soya yoghurt is a little harder to come by (try Lulu or Spinney’s).

- Info courtesy of Tom

- Kaohsiung, 2010/07/07
Subject: Vegetarian in Kaohsiung
Kaoshiung has hundreds and hundreds of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and food stalls. The website, vegelife.com.tw, lists over 100 vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Kaoshiung. It also lists the veg restaurants in other parts of Taiwan. However, the information is in Chinese only.

- New South Wales, 2010/07/05
Subject: Vegan Society NSW
The Vegan Society NSW is a community-based, non-profit organisation in New South Wales, Australia. It was begun in 1981 by Myer Samra and Bill Westerman and incorporated in 1998 by David Horton.Its members are people who care about human health, animal welfare and the environment. Our aim is to promote the many benefits of veganism and provide quality service, support and up-to-date information to vegans and the general community.
Tel: 02-9898-9893

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