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all regional travel notes by: Posi Britt

- Queensland, 2012/06/24
Subject: Cape Tribulation is worse
Cape Tribulation was a definately challenge for food for the 3 days we were there. Most restaraunts cater to richer people with weird meat tastes. Kangaroo and crocodile were on virtually every menu. As a vegan it was stressful to say the least. The "grocery stores" were no more than weird hardware/convience stores that sold a weird assortment of condoms, hammers, and chips fr exorbetant prices. We did find one place right across from PK's that had really good vegan burgers and falafels for a very good price. We also found pizza with the cheese removed. Kinda sad because the rest of the staff was awesome. Take your own food.

- Queensland, 2012/06/24
Subject: Port Douglas sucks for vegans
I just recently spent nearly 2 weeks in Port Douglas. I found a few places where they were willing to manipulate the food to make it vegan but nothing was listed as such. It made me really sad. The Coles supermarket made my life though. So if you are going to stay there, get a place with a kitchen. There are some amazing fake meats there that I have never seen in Canada that were worth trying and cooking.

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