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- Germany, 2012/09/16
Subject: No problem for vegans
Despite having a reputation as being a country of meat-lovers, I have lived in two different parts of Germany as a vegan without any problems. As "Sonja and Dirk" have said in these notes, DM is the place to go for your staples such as blocks of tofu, spreads (I recommend the Aubergine Pate (Streichcreme) and Almond (Mandel) Butter), wholegrain crackers, sauces, dairy-free milks and even vegan tortellini. Apart from in Hamburg, I have found a DM in every German city and many smaller towns that I have visited. Fresh vegetables are very cheap in Germany and can be purchased from a "Bio-Markt" - look for the "Reformhaus" chain, or supermarkets - even Aldi produce tends to be fairly good quality.

When it comes to eating out in Germany, Italian, Indian and middle-Eastern restaurants are plentiful and usually have vegan options although it is still best to ask for clarification, whereas traditional German restaurants may not be such a good bet. However, there are a couple of specific vegetarian "German-style" venues if you don't mind going off the beaten track a little - check the listings on this site for recommendations.

Have a great time in Germany!

- Denmark, 2012/09/08
Subject: Lots of picnics!
In contrast to some other countries Denmark is very welcoming when it comes to bringing your own food - even in places where you pay an entry fee such as Legoland and Tivoli Gardens, you are more than welcome to sit on a bench or in a picnic area and eat your own food, rather than getting stuck with just pommes/chips. There are bins everywhere in parks and often a covered area too, which as a vegan I found very helpful when planning a full-day trip.

- Sweden, 2012/09/08
Subject: Hidden gems in supermarkets
Self-catering in Sweden is very easy for vegans, and not *quite* as expensive as you might have been warned... health food stores tend to be bigger and better in the south, but supermarkets across the whole country stock vegan "cheese", blocks of tofu, soy yoghurts, some even soy ice cream (look for "Hemkoep" - pronounced Hem-shop). The trick is not to search for a health/world food section - the products are mixed in to the dairy milk, dairy yoghurt etc sections. Enjoy!

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