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- San Francisco, 2010/12/29
Subject: Another great vegan options cafe.
If you find yourself in the Mission district and feeling hungry, find your way down to 20th and Alabama for some hipster scene, great coffee, and some yummy vegan option fare at the Atlas Cafe. On a recent trip I had a bagel with baked tofu and a sundried tomato paste, while my friend had the baked eggplant and tofu on baguette. Great selection of maga/zines to browse also, and a nice back patio that's dog friendly.

- Santa Cruz, 2010/12/29
Subject: Alternate options for vegans @ regular restaurants
Although I do believe you should always support the veg/an establishments first, Santa Cruz is full of restaurants that have great vegan options. In fact, unless you are in a chain burger joint, you can get at least one thing vegan in almost every restaurant in town. Good alternatives with many vegan options are;
*Planet Fresh - Cedar st. @ Locust - mexican food with a healthy natural twist. Vegan options include baked tofu, artichoke hearts, and more. Vegan beans and Rice.
*The Bagelry - 3 locations, Cedar st. @ Maple/ Soquel @ Bay-Porter(Capitola)/ Soquel @ Seabright - great selection of vegan spreads, some organic veggies, vegan bottled smoothies and juices.
*Walnut Ave. Cafe - Walnut Ave. btwn Pacific & Cedar - Nice cafe with patio seating and some nice vegan options for breakfast and lunch(tofu scramble / vegan club / vegan burger / vegan homefries)
*Cafe Brasil - Mission st. @ Almar - Brasilian cafe with a special menu section for tofu.
*Taqueria Las Palmas - Beach and Pacific(in front of the wharf) - One of Santa Cruz's oldest taquerias advertising vegan beans and rice for over 20 years. Many specified vegan menu items. Very inexpensive.
*Cafe El Palomar - In the Harbor Commercial Center - vegan beans and spanish rice, plus an amazing vegan tofu breakfast burrito, tofu scramble and tofu rancherra.
*Jalapenos - Laurel @ Pacific / Soquel @ Seabright - great mexican with vegan menu items. Vegan beans and rice.
*Leos - Brommer @ 17th ave. - small taqueria with vegan burrito and vegan tacos off the menu, plus a great salsa bar.
*Kick Back Cafe - Soquel @ Seabright - Great Cafe that makes awesome sandwiches and delicious wraps. Many Vegan options including Tofu/artichoke wrap, and a vegan barbecue tofu sandwich.(Also has 2nd location in Capitola on 41st ave.@ Portola - called the Chill Out Cafe)
- You may have noticed the corner of Soquel and Seabright coming up quite a bit. That's because this corner has 4 good vegan option restaurants on it, and the best health food store in town - Staff of Life, is literally right around the corner.
- Happy veg eatin.....

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