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- Paris, 2009/06/23
Subject: addition
i had found them in the past at a health food shop in the latin quarter many years ago, but in my recent travels have not been able to find them. now i see an address for a baker, i will hit them up next time i am in the city of lights.

- Paris, 2009/06/23
Subject: vegan croissants
after searching for the illusive vegan chocolate croissant...have read many times of them...they are supposed to be found at the kosher bakers around rue des rosiers, i found a lot of them, asked first if things were parve, everything, then sans ouefs (without eggs) and ther was nothing at any of them except one lebanese kosher baker i stumbled accross on a side street, they hade some cookies without egg that were parve, very nice and great flavors, pistachio was my favorite.

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