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- Caribbean, 2012/07/04
Subject: Cuba updated
So I visited cuba in June of this year. I would say I ate at a mix of state and private owned restaurants. Okay, hope you like tomato and cucumber as a salad, plantain chips, rice and black beans, omlettes (usually with cheese) and lots of fruit. The fruit is fantastic at the private restaurants, best mango, pineapple, banana and guava I've ever had. I had some great soups at the private restaurants, you just need to explain no pork, no fish and no chicken. Beef is served but is supposed to an animal not to be killed by local folk but better say that too. As far as stocks and secret ingredients, Cuba is one of those places you just need to drop it. Unless you're fluent in Spanish and really think its worth pushing it, I don't think they will understand. Not because they don't care and don't want to but it's putting them out a great deal for a concept they just don't see the point of. I found at the end of the 10 days, that it I saw another omlette I was going to hurl. But Cuba is an amazing country, you have to see it and experience it for yourself.

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