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- Wilmington, 2011/12/11
Subject: Vegan Cupcakes in Wilmington
You'll find a vegan cupcake on Saturday at Coastal Cupcakes (129 Princess Street). It seems to usually be the Vegan Chocolate Cherry cupcake, and it's typically really, really vegan - meaning the cupcake is sweetened with agave nectar and the frosting is made with beet sugar (unlike other cupcakes made with regular refined bone char sugar). You can also special order. Check out their website or Facebook page for more info. They usually post on Facebook when they offer a vegan selection. http://www.facebook.com/coastalcupcakes

You'll also find vegan cupcakes at Hot Pink Cake Stand (114 N Front St). They have mixed reviews right now, but they typically have a different vegan cupcake selection everyday. Decide for yourself.

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