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- Vienna, 2007/09/13
Subject: Vegeterian restaurants in Vienna 2
couse of poor eating i had in my apartment and being scared of Austrian restaurants.
I went to "Dreiklang" in 9., Wasagasse 28. And asked once more to be sure if its vegeterian: "Yes we are, but we serve meat if somebody wants it."I was downed on myself, not again.So i sit down there thinking what am i going to do,and i diceded no no way im gonna give some money to some vegeterian restaurant wich is not what it is suppose to be.I mean what is the deal to have a vegeterian place where you serve meat if somebody happens to be in wrong place?Come on, what is the ideology youre fighting?And i get up and leave, the man something said to somebody, hope it wasnt me couse he spoke in german, i spoked to him in english,so i run away quickly before getting into it.So i think it started raining and 1 more day for me without proper food. Tomorrow i went in search for the places from happycow list -100% veggie.And choose "Greenway", but there is no trace of it, i check very carefully both sides of the street,no sign,theres other restaurants but no greenway. I updated it on this site,but they dont seem to listen, so i choose to write like this.
Then i went to Währinger Straße 57 where "Estakost" and "Vegirant" suppose to be,i dont know the only difference between 2 is Estakost is suppoe to be in Waehringer street,so its just one letter between. Im not shore if Estakost even exists.I ate at Vegirant and its great,i wrote i review on this site,and there is no sign of Estakost there or sign of that other street.
So thats it from Vienna. Make sure you go to Vegirant and stay forever in love.

- Vienna, 2007/09/13
Subject: Vegeterian restaurants in Vienna
Before I traveled to Vienna I went to austriatoday.at to check some veggie places.Thats before I knew about this "all you need" site - happycow.net.And there on ".at" you can choose what list of places you want and suprisingly there is Vegeterian restaurant list.So I click that and I get some, i dont know 15, 20 places.I went to "Jonathan & Sieglinde" in 1.,Riemergasse 16.It turns out its not 100% vegeterian,its not vegeterian at all,but have some veggie dishes.Oh no,i was so hungry,the last night i spend looking,and everybody was closed,im so tired i cant go anywhere else.So i stayed.Turns out they have most of there dishes vegeterian,cause they base their food on potato and apple strangly.So I take soup,cream vegeterian soup, wich was very good,main meal,I was scared why they bring me a sallat couse i didnt order it,anyway it wasnt included in the check.I get some dessert.It was 18,80 euros.So its pretty expensive by my country standards.Anyway I was going home,and i think i overate and my stomach starts to hUrt and then i throw up on the street of foregn country, think how that was like, and throw up 2 more times at home, tomorow i couldnt go anywhere, or it much because of the pains, and tell me that is cause i ate too much, i dont know why then throwing up 3 times, why not once to make some room in stomach. Anyway the restaurant was full,so that suprise me too.Also suprise me that she get me a fly in the juice, living that is.I didnt believe she didnt see it cause it was the only thing she was holding in her hands.Thats it.
2 or 3 days after i went for some more food,

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