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Hai-Dan Tea House and Restaurant  (update | upload photos)
Baguio City, Philippines

Bodhi Vegetarian  (update | upload photos)
Baguio City, Philippines

Rachi Curry Corner  (update | upload photos)
Subic Bay, Philippines

Victor and Merek's  (update | upload photos)
Birch Run, Michigan

Dawn of a New Day Coffee House  (update | upload photos)
Saginaw, Michigan

Grawemeyer's  (update | upload photos)
Memphis, Tennessee

at Peace Cafe  (update | upload photos)
Taipei, Taiwan

Playa Papagayo Cantina Mexicana  (update | upload photos)
Olongapo City, Philippines

Dosirak House in Tung Chung  (update | upload photos)
Outlying Islands, China