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  • Vegan
Posted on 01 / 25 / 2013 Report Abuse
Milton, What a fine name you have. Americans often use fine old first names whilst we in the U.K. tend to opt for 'John.' and 'Robert,' but if a mother wishes to feel modern she may elect for 'Wayne' or 'Jason.' (The Beckhams and Bob Geldoff of course excepted). American panache may have taken a turn for the worse in motor car design (Viper aside), but may it long continue to flourish in the naming of babies. And, the naming of babies arguably leaves no carbon footprint. You express an interest in imparting knowledge. I like that. Correction - I love that. I am a sponge for knowledge...give me some. Come on, pour it on. As you are American, and this is a U.S.A. based site (as far as I can gather) you may - if lucky - generate a mild response to any of your forthcoming posts. Americans love Americans, particularly if you are ex-forces. Rather like the former U.S.S.R. their people also likewise love napalm. My posts here are essentially met with silence unless you are a very polite 16 year old. I can't help but wonder (assuming that my posts are even read) if readers either yawn and groan "I'm off to take a p*ss," or perhaps scale the nearest mountain (wearing only a loin cloth) to meditate and reflect. I suspect the former. At least I don't receive the inevitable abuse which I receive on every U.S.A. golf forum. Anyway, enough small talk. I have a K.K.C. meeting to prepare for tonight and my whites to iron. Very best wishes, Ivan
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