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  • Vegan
Posted on 11 / 17 / 2012 Report Abuse
I have tons of info to give you about sugar addiction since I was a sugar/food addict in recovery and I am a vegan 100% the first thing to do is to completely get off sugar 100% and real very well the ingredients because sugar has many many many names that people think aren't sugar like fructuose, flour does the same as sugar so flours are out for me, alcohol is pure sugar so is out, nothing at all, it takes about 3 to 7 days to detox from sugar depending on the person but once you are done with the withdraw you never will have physical cravings for sugar again NEVER you may want some when you see someone eating something in front of you or some emotional craving but that stops fast and it is very very different than the physical cravings for sugar that in my experience are as severe as craving any drug.

While detox tons of water and fiber so you don't feel hungry and eating something even small every 3 to 4 hours. No fruits alone always with a protein. I do protein shakes, I do only vegan protein and instead of dairy I do unsweatened coconut or almond milk, there is soy, rice, hemp milk all good. For me that hardest thing to let go was yogurt and fish and after 2 weeks could not care less for either.

Also caffeine will create cravings since is addictive and starts the addictive process i do at times decaff, or herbal teas but the caffeine withdraw is hard and lost of head aches after that you won't miss it for a minute.

Also some supplements help with sugar cravings the best is chromium picolate and I take tons of other things for other things so I am 1005 covered I am 50 and have the stamina of a 20 year old woman. no one believes it until they see me in sports but the vegan and off sugar and some good supplements will do.

also there are some amazing cheap web sites to order extremely reliable supplements and cheap my favorite & cheapest is Swanson, then i herb & puritan.

Also if you go to www.garynull.com you can search for sugar and vegan under articles, also his online radio station www.progressiveradionetwork.com has amazing archived shows with tons of info if you are new into this.

His shows live or in the archives are: The Gary Null Show Mondays to fridays at 12:00pm e.t. The Progressive commentary hour Mondays at 7;00pm that is not so much on health & Talk back Sundays at 8:00pm on this show if you call live he can answer any question you may have about sugar, vegan anything at all. All what i know I did learn from him and I did learn that you can be a vegan and crave nothing and be 100% covered. Once you are in the show he gives the number to call in and you will learn and benefit from all that info I could of never make it as a vegan without his info. I was a heavy duty protein eater ll my life.

Any more questions feel free to ask. I don't log here often but you can e mail me directly @ florilazaro@gmail.com

All the best
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