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Alive n Electrifying
Alive n Electrifying
  • Raw
Posted on 03 / 30 / 2012 Report Abuse
Hi Eric, thankyou for the message.

I come from South Australia and are looking for people who may have in common with me being a raw foodist. Im not exactly one, but i wanna find people who havve deep knowledge and experience in it whether it be recipes, whatz the main things to use being one, what to do for covering protein requirements being a very active person, and just aswell, start up a vibrant like group for people likeminded, would be nice if i could set something up like this, or display it so we could just get a bunch together for this kinda support. Just also to note, i dont kno anyone in my area who is one but i know they are out there, i dont kno anyone who is one, so im not exactly friendz with one but would be keen to get to know any, i wonder how i could make this possibility a reality and help other raw foodist's out there regardless of where there from and in a supported base where they dont have to pay money to join something, have that support. It needs to run in some way, but I want it to be free as its a support base.

Thanks for checkin in, I'll hear from u again sometime and hope to atleast make one friend sad smiley

I tried in Australia, my country and i dont really think anyone accepted, or my state maybe that is. I however will keep my hopes high and find out if there is someone out there, I mean Id love to beable to support the message to and its a great lifestyle to live. I dont mind what ur eatin lifestyle is whether it is ur a vegan or vegetarian, I just want to get to know at least one (coz that seemz tricky at the moment) raw foodist who I could talk to and keep in contact with on a regular basis!

Regards, Alive n Electrifying.
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