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Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:
I was a vegetarian for 8 1/2 months and I recently turned vegan just over 3 weeks ago now (yay, so proud of myself!), I decided to become vegan after hearing things about the dairy industry, so I decided to look for myself and what I found was not nice! Although I hardly even consumed dairy, I still did, so I stopped and I have found being Vegan does not effect my ability to eat what I want, as most assume us vegans only eat fruit and veg, ha! Anyways, my personal opinion is that animals are not objects, animals are equal to us humans, they should not be tested on, murdered for meat or even used for milk.. I mean how disgusting drinking another animals milk?? Soya milk is fab!!! Be vegan!! :-D

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:
A friend on a group "Vegan as Fuck!" on facebook shared a link with me, that found this as I could not find any vegan groups locally! Which is rather frustrating as I do not know any other vegans!

Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:
I've been to Loving Hut in I think it was Harrow, that was a Vegan restaurant, and I was a vegetarian then, I really liked it, I've also been to one or two other vegetarian restaurants in London! I am going to persuade my fiancée to take me to the one in Watford, apparently they do Vegan food yipee! He however, is a heavy meat eater, but doesn't mind going to meat free places.

Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:
I'm really not a fussy eater, so pretty much anything!! I prefer cooked foods though, I'm not a Raw Vegan, but I do eat fruit raw and some veg raw.

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:
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  • Vegan
Posted on 11 / 19 / 2011 Report Abuse
Hi Glenys,

Hopefully nothing will come up before that! Hope to see you there :-)
  • Vegan
Posted on 11 / 19 / 2011 Report Abuse
Hi Ivy

There is a very small "Watford Veg*ns" group who meet on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm at Go Kula. Usually there are about 4 of us (half vegan/half veggie). I'm vegan and so is Sarah who is the other person who started the group with me. This month we also went to the Karma Pizza place one Saturday evening and there were nine of us!

You would be very, very welcome to join us in our meet ups. The next one is at 2pm on Dec 3rd. We usually sit at the back of the cafe in the lounge area. Hope to see you there.

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