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Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:
I worked in a university library for 20 years and I'm now a stay-at-home mom and loving it! Around the time I quit my job I started reading about figuring out my purpose. Something I heard that really hit home with me was: pay attention to what makes you cry. My answer was clear: animals being abused and used for our pleasure is what makes me cry, so, as a result, one of my purposes is to be a vegan, live and speak my truth, and do what I can to stop animal suffering. I don't want to be morally schizophenic any longer, loving my dogs but eating pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys and using animals for leather, wool, cashmere, feathers... It also became clear to me (finally! After 45 years) that to be able to call myself a Christian meant that I had to be vegan. I feel much more spiritually at peace now that I am not causing suffering to animals for food, leather, down, silk, wool, etc...all things that I don't need to live, but are only for luxury and pleasure. It is not worth the price the animals have to pay and I am convinced that the killing of 53 billion living beings worldwide every year will come back to us in very bad Karma. Change can happen at any age. I would have told you up until the moment I became vegan that I could never be vegan, but once my mind was transformed it was, for the most part, a very easy process. I am becoming joyfully vegan and very happy with my choice.

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