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  • Vegan
Posted on 04 / 03 / 2010 Report Abuse
Hi, to be honest I was only trying to suggest maybe not feeding in is the best choice. I do believe I did not complain about the slow service I just said I know when I go to allow extra time. I in no way meant to attack anything about your restaurant and deeply hope you see that. Yes I do completely understand overhead, and again it was just my opion. It was not directed at you as much as it was just me throwing out my opinion. I am aware of the new location and will definitly support you there. Best of luck to you. Peace and Blessings
  • Vegan
Posted on 09 / 25 / 2009 Report Abuse
Hey bro, don't let him get your goat. Your place is based upon a POSITIVE vibration, don't let one person try to alter anything about your vibe.

For some reason, I think it is one dude who just wants to be negative and signs in w different names and such. Rise above bro, your place is by far the best thing going in NJ! Everyone who knows good food knows it. We came there the night I proposed to my wife, so I take it for real. Been there dozens of times and I have always had an upbeat and inspired time, as have all my fellow diners. Don't let one dude throw you off. Let me go after these folks, if you ever look, I have in the past given everyone resistance when they try to chant down. Take a lift and maybe ask them to pull the review, it is clearly spam.

PEACE!!! and good vibes bro!!

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