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Reasons why I prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan:
A: is for AGRICULTURE | which is better than cattle deforestation. It takes 12 million metric tons of grain to feed and raise 3 Million metric tons of edible beef, take that same fuel and give it to human bellies, you could feed 4 times the people and you can prevent the slashing and burning of nearly 100% of the forest E: is for ECONOMICS, ENERGY, and EVOLUTION, fail to see how these things relate our globe will choke from the gaggles of genomes we are greedy enough to make, huge industrial juggernauts'KILL. There are 540 billionaires in existence, total there wealth, and you have more money than the combine assets of every other person across the globe. Billionaire all colors, cultures and skin tones, Billionaires from the United Kingdom , Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and NEW AMERICAN ROME, blue blooded white collared, with apathy colored eyes. I: Is IMPORTANT , like conservation, contraceptives, recycling, and research.

I joined HappyCow Members Community because:
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Here are some places I've been that I liked... and places that I would like to visit one day:
QUESTION YOUR GOODS: who makes them, where they come from, and how they're distributed we have a relationship with all of these things, if something or some piece of the earth is getting F**** over in the process by which our goods get to us, we are ultimately responsible for any harm done R is for RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERS who separate trash unfailingly, all paper, plastic and glass.

Some of my favorite veg*n foods include:
V: is for VEGAN and that's where its at. WHICH: one is a figment of my imagination is it (a.) superman has X-ray vision. or is it (b.) diamonds are mined by black slaves in present day Africa, where servants are subjected to several layers of X-ray radiation, every single day, just to make certain no one is stealing. You and I can make a difference by not purchasing diamonds that symbolize the love of the ring of being.

Here are some books, movies, magazines, and my favorites that I would recommend to other HappyCow members:
Z: is not for Zion or Zachariah, its for Zenith, if you and I sacrifice our surplus so everyone has food, medicine and a bed, than we can each it.


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