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Super Greens and Microalgae

• Spirulina

• Blue Green Algae

• Wheatgrass

• Barley Grass

• Chlorella

Green plants contain chlorophyll which is the process of sunlight that is converted into energy during the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is antibacterial, can cleanse and detoxify the body, purify the liver, and improve blood sugar problems.


Powder, tablets, capsules
- Among the richest source of chlorophyll
- Contains Omega 3 Fatty acids, anti-oxidants, carotenoids, RNA and DNA (nucleic acids), proteins, vitamins, minerals Aids the body in elimination of heavy metals & other toxins such as PCBs, mercury, and leadChlorella is a whole food, and a fibrous material which greatly augments healthy digestion and overall digestive track health
- Less moistening than Spirulina and least cooling; least bitter and more neutral
- HappyCow highly recommends Sun A Chlorella as the process to make it's 'broken cell wall' makes it more digestable than other brands. We have been using this product for years!
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Tablets, capsules, powder
- A micorscopic plant that contains over 70% protein content, it is the higest, most potent, and the most digestible protein source
- Contains complete amino acid content
- Among the richest source of chlorophyll
- Source of gamma linolenic acid, vitamin B12, phycocyanin, sulfolipids, beta carotene, and other caotenoids, vitamins
- Contains anti-viral, anti-cancer, and immune stimulating properties
- Good for food cravings, diabetes, sugar addicts, & people detoxing from alcohol right when they stop
- Not for those with dampness or excess
- Rice w/Spirulina make a good travel food
- Keeps good for about 3 years
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Wild Blue Green Algae

Tablets, capsules, powder
- Start with a small dose in the morning on an empty stomach (not at night); take with tea or juice, not with food; too much will give you gas
- Very cooling, especially to kidneys - so use with ginger
- A mental stimulant
- Detoxifies the liver
- Burns up body fat
- Good for depression
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Powder; juice should be consume within 2 minutes of pressing
- Wheatgrass is a variety of grass that is used like an herbal medicine for its therapeutic and nutritional properities; the common grains of barley, rye, and oat grow grasses are equally potent.
- Juice is a crude chlorophyll
- High in enzymes, magnesium, and oxygen which promotes the functions of the brain and body tissues
- Superior detoxification agent
- Good for skin, hair, teeth, blood disorder, anti-aging
- Improves digestions, eases constipation, and keeps bowles open
- Grasses are a balanced source of nutrients and a complete life sustaining food; they contains many essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals & trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and over 80 identified enzymes
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Barley Grass

Tablets, capsules, powder
- Contains large amounts of natural chlorophyll and antioxidants, one being the enzyme Super Oxide Dismulase (SOD) which neutralizes free radicals, also other antioxidants that prevents aging at the cellular level and strengthens the body's immunity
- Highly nutritious and rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B1 & C & B12
- 20% Protein
- Not as sweet as wheatgrass
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