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Holistic Dental Care (Dentistry)

Holistic dentistry is a gentler alternative to conventional dentistry. It is more about whole person care of the mouth, using non-toxic dental restorative materials, microbiological control of gum infections, herbal therapy, homeopathy, and more.

In holistic dentistry, one important decision you make is choosing an alternative to dental amalgam cavity fillings. An amalgam filling is a mixture of half silver and half mercury, and mercury is a toxic element and known poison. When it is released into the body where it lodges into the body's tissues, it causes poisoning and a lowered immune response. Additionally, during amalgam removal, some believe that unless one takes precautions (i.e. a dental dam), there will be a great deal of mercury poisoning.

Countries such as Sweden have passed laws to stop or curb dentists from using mercury-silver fillings. Also, several well known institutions have stopped teaching the fitting of amalgams.

Moreover, their nationalized dental plans help to pay for removal and replacement with alternate non-mercury materials like porcelain, composites, and glass - all of which are cosmetically more appealing.

Most holistic dentists in the US refuse to use amalgam fillings into children, pregnant and nursing mothers, or anyone! But why does organized dentistry in the USA take the position that amalgam use is perfectly safe?

Learn more about holistic dental care, how to choose the right dentist: web resources

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