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Cancer Prevention Diet

We encourage you to buy fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farmer's markets, and whenever possible, buy organic and/or biodynamic. Locally grown fresh produce smell especially fragrant and taste fresh, much more so than what is found in conventional supermarket refrigerator isles. Below you will find tips from nutritions consultant, Teri N-Gwarek, on how to maintain good health, long life, and in particular, avoid cancer.




1. Cook only in glass, stainless steel, corning or enamel-ware. Never use aluminum (including foil).
2. Remember to stay well hydrated.
3. Vitamin D (natural sunshine) is critical in the prevention of disease, particularly cancer. Get at least 1 hour of direct sunshine in the early morning for late afternoons when the rays are not as intense (cover up between about 11am and 2-3pm). Do not use sunscreen (full of dangerous chemicals and prevents the absorption of beneficial full spectrum rays.
4. The human body is designed to move. Get some exercise in the fresh air daily but do not over train.
5. Restful sleep between 10pm and 6-7am is necessary for cell repair and regeneration.
6. Unnecessary stress is one of the most dangerous destroyers of health. Eliminate it from your life and focus on creating peace, health, happiness and being of service to others.

Article by Teri N-Gwarek, OHP, who has 20 years of experience in the field of holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle, specializing in anti-aging/longevity. She is a proponent of preventative health and offers in-home, email and phone consultation services.

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