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Suggestion for improvements
October 07, 2009 09:48PM
I'm a travelling iPhone user based in Asia, and I think it works tremendously, except that most place doesn't have wifi and roaming doesn't always work technically, therefore would you consider:

- offline mode so we can use the place where there's no net access (which is common in Asia, especially when roaming.)

- integration with happycow, so we can submit or rate places on the go.

- Internationalization, instead of miles, would you consider adding metric distance and/or time to reach by foot/public/car?

Thank you!
Re: Suggestion for improvements
December 30, 2009 08:03AM
I love the off-line option suggestion!

It would be very cool if one could pre-load a few locations into VegOut, then get listings off-line. The issue isn't just one of getting a good connection, but also of keeping rates down when traveling out of the country.

Re: Suggestion for improvements
May 04, 2010 03:15PM
Offline mode would be fantastic.
Another thing I would like to see is a better integration with the maps app. Right now, when you show a restaurant on the map you can't go back to the listing. Instead, you have to quit maps and start VegOut again. Something like a back-button would be very convenient.

That being said, VegOut is probably my favourite app on my iPhone!

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