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February 09, 2011 08:58PM
Here are some of the most convincing reasons to try a plant-based diet or "go vegan."


Support of population research - The China Study and similar studies (those of 7-Day Adventists and Drs. Ornish, McDougall, Barnard and Esselstyne's cardiovascular patients) collectively indicate a plant-based diet helps prevent chronic diseases and supports disease reversals.

Support of clinical research - This is especially true of the 50+ years of clinical blood work performed and observed at Hippocrates Health Institute. Their continuing studies indicate a stronger immune systems among guests who follow plant-based diets compared to those following principally animal-based diets. In my view such findings override various subjective, ideological or personally-grounded diet opinions. The latter are often found among those not in clinical practice and not conducting any systematic blood-work on any observed population group - though they feel inclined to pontificate their views with the appearance of certainty.

Evidence of lower toxic loads - Flesh organisms tend to have more complex cellular structures. These seem less able (compared to simpler plant structures) to eliminate toxic loads. Thus both larger and more complex flesh organisms (e.g whales compared to sardines) tend to increasingly accumulate toxins among their cells, such as various synthetic chemical and heavy metal traces.


Lower eco-footprint - Plant-based diets have an immensely lower environmental footprint.

Most powerful reversal - Vegan diets thereby help reverse global warming and the overall destruction of our planet.


Compassion - A vegan diet expresses compassion for animals who are so often treated worse than Holocaust camp victims in massive animal factory farms and slaughterhouses. They are beyond mistreated.

Higher Consciousness - If consciousness is at the core of life and also represents a universal relationship of connection underlying all of nature, then compassion (connecting us to all other akin life forms on a deeper feeling level) essentially raises consciousness and increases our aliveness. Machines are dead/unconsciousness and thus do not feel. Mechanical assembly-line factory farms then express both a distinct loss of compassion and a lowering of consciousness. Or oppositely, support for plant-based diets can express both greater compassion and consciousness.

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Re: vegan
February 10, 2011 05:51PM
Those are all excellent reason rawandvegan. Well done!

For me it was simply one reason and all the other reason you stated
are just huge bonuses. My reason was ethical. The right to life and to
live free for ALL creatures. For me it's not really a choice but an ethical imperative.
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